Microsoft has mowed a lot in the last quarter

Sandra Loyd

Although the COVID-19 epidemic is still ongoing, Microsoft says many of their customers have returned to pre-epidemic spending levels, and this Type V rebound has thrown the second quarter of fiscal 2021 hard. revenues. According to the results just released, total sales were $ 43.1 billion, an increase of 17 percent from the previous year, and significantly exceed preliminary analyst expectations of $ 40.18 billion. Even more impressive is the fact that net revenue increased by 33 percent to $ 15.5 billion.

During the epidemic, companies providing cloud-based products and services benefited greatly from the transition to telecommuting, and Revenues for Microsoft 365, Azure and Azure-based services, games and even Windows PCs have jumped significantly in Redmond

Azure sales up 50 percent in the quarter , and although there was a slight decline in the summer, growth accelerated again later. growth accelerated again. Overall, Spencer sees more and more companies returning to their pre-epidemic investment plans.

Returning to the results of the recently closed quarter, the non-Pro OEM business (Windows licensed for home and educational PC users) performed well, and for the Pro OEM business, the decline was “only” 9 percent, compared to 20 percent previously. The games have now grown into a 5 billion Microsoft business, and the Surface business has broken the 2 billion mark – an unprecedented example.

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