Microsoft has entered Startup Hungary

Sandra Loyd

In the future, Microsoft will also actively participate in the work of the Startup Hungary advisory board, as Péter Szabó, Partner Development Director, has been represented in the foundation representing startup interests since the beginning of February.

Péter Szabó would like to use the membership and the work involved to help Hungarian startups to adopt the best international methods and gain business by mobilizing Microsoft’s resources. In other words, Microsoft Hungary not only provides expert and technological support to businesses, but is also ready to help them get a business.

We are constantly looking for ways to further support the Hungarian startup. For me, joining Startup Hungary means that we can give back to our communities what we have received from them, so that we can share our experiences and knowledge, through which new Hungarian startup unicorns can be born. I can assure them that Microsoft Hungary will use all the tools at its disposal to support the new generation of businesses in their start-up , “said Péter Szabó.

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