MEP in police protection after Czech PM calls him ‘traitor’

Sallie Anderson

A group of MEPs who took a trip to the Czech Republic previously this year to confirm the right costs of EU funds got many death risks, with one needing to get police protection for his whole family.

The risks followed declarations by prime minister Andrej Babis, who explained the 2 Czech MEPs in the group as national traitors.

  • ‘ In the course of 14 days, I got numerous thousand risks through the social media or through e-mails or WhatsApp and other interaction tools,’ stated Tomáš Zdechovsky, a Czech centre-right MEP (Picture: Dandieczech).

Babis is believed of cheating the EU taxpayer out of millions in an on-going case connected to Agrofert, among the nation’s biggest corporations.

“In the course of 14 days, I received several thousand threats through the social media or through emails or WhatsApp and other communication tools,” Tomáš Zdechovsky, a Czech centre-right MEP informed press reporters on Thursday (18 June.)

Amongst the risks were detailed descriptions of how his whole family would be killed, including his 4 children.

“Some of the threats came to my children as well, they said that we will be hanged, that we will be murdered, that we will be shot,” he stated.

He stated his children had actually likewise gotten photos of people strung up in trees. All would be eliminated need to they venture outside on the street throughout the lockdown of the pandemic, he stated.

“And based on that my entire family received police protection,” he stated, keeping in mind numerous of the criminals had actually because been collared and are now dealing with criminal charges.

Zdechovsky was not alone. Czech Green MEP Mikuláš Peksa and Germany centre-right Monika Hohlmeier were likewise targeted.

Hohlmeier stated they were depicted as Nazis and got numerous risks on Facebook from national extremists. Some threatened to likewise eliminate her family and children.

“This is something that is new for us, I got to be honest about that,” she stated.

“We are just checking whether the tax-payers money is being appropriately dispersed and then to be met with such aggression and the type of letters that we have received – you know, that is something that really shocked us,” she stated.

The MEPs, in addition to Hungarian centre-left Sándor Ronai, Dutch centre-left Lara Wolters, and German Green Daniel Freund, all took a trip to the Czech Republic in February.

The 6 had actually wished to get insights into the circulation of EU funds and to follow up on reports of possible abnormalities on how EU aids were being invested.

Little head, a lot of hats

The problem comes at a vital time due to the fact that Babis, as a sitting prime minister, will be likewise be working out the EU budget.

“Mr Babis’ head is too small at the moment for all the different hats that he wishes to wear,” stated Wolters, who states he must go back from the budget talks occurring this weekend.

Babis, himself a billionaire, has actually been implicated of managing an oligarchy that looks for to enjoy the benefits of EU aids while at the exact same time slamming the European Union.

He has actually rejected all the claims in a case that is most likely to take years to resolve as the European Commission drags its examination into disputes of interests.

“The commission has just received some 350 pages from the Czech government and I think there is no clear rule on how many times there can be a back and forth between the European Commission and the Czech government,” kept in mind Freund.

In an effort to accelerate the procedure, the European Parliament is overdoing the pressure with a resolution.

Although non-binding, the file intends to send out a political signal to the European Commission, the Council, and the Czech Republic.

To name a few things, it requires the council, representing member states, present a rule-of-law system under the brand-new EU budget talks.

The concept involves removing an EU state of EU financing need to they backslide on guideline of law.

The resolution likewise referrals current reports revealing Babis and his better half keep substantial impact over a trust connected to Agrofert subsidiary GreenChem Solutions Ltd.

“I think we have a structural problem in the European Union that EU money can benefit kleptocratic structures in some of our member states,” stated Freund.

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