Meeting Owl Pro: top quality conference conversations across Europe

Sandra Loyd

OwlLabs, a groupware and videoconferencing technology and services company, has entered into an agreement with Ingram Micro, a market-leading distributor of IT products, to expand OwlLabs’ market presence across Europe,

Through the agreement, OwlLabs will be able to increase its availability of its award-winning flagship product, Meeting Owl Pro, through the Ingram Micro network. Through its logistics center in Germany, Ingram Micro serves a large number of resellers, offering products for more than 2,000 IT and mobile device manufacturers. With the growth of more diverse and flexible working methods, companies need to improve the way employees connect. They can achieve seamless collaboration with Meeting Owl Pro no matter where the employees are physically located.

With OwlLabs ’patented, intelligent technology, Meeting Owl Pro automatically focuses on the speaker in the room. Outstanding quality is ensured by a high-resolution 360 ° camera as well as eight microphones and three speakers with a range of up to 5 meters. The solution is compatible with all popular video conferencing platforms.

“I am pleased to be able to work with Ingram Micro to increase our reach and presence across Europe and to expand and strengthen our business. This partnership will make it easier for European-based businesses to and educational institutions use OwlLabs teamwork technology to help maintain and simplify effective communication with employees or students, ”said Frank Weishaupt, CEO of OwlLabs. “As hybrid and flexible working becomes more popular, so does the demand for products and services that increase productivity and communication efficiency for hybrid teams. We are confident that we can meet this need through our partnership with Ingram Micro,” he added.

“It is critical for the future of work that the employee can work from anywhere and communicate clearly and securely from anywhere,” said JoostBoon of Ingram Micro Pan Europe Gmbh. Advanced Solution Business Unit UCC (Unified Communication and Collaboration) supply chain director. “We are pleased to welcome OwlLabs to Ingram Micro’s European portfolio and look forward to working with our resellers to raise awareness and demand for OwlLabs’ innovative and immersive video conferencing technology solutions.”

OwlLabs Products 156 It is used by 50,000+ companies in many categories in the country, including students from prominent companies and institutions such as Ogilvy, ClearScore, the University of Applied Sciences in Bern and the College of Prague. OwlLabs recently received the AV Technology Awards Communication Technology of the Year, as well as the German Design Award Winners and Red Dot. OwlLabs Meeting Owl Pro was also on the list of the TIME 100 best inventions in 2020.

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