Mark Cuban Might Finally Like Bitcoin If It Becomes ‘Grandma-Friendly’

Tyler Hromadka

MarkCuban Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, The Filmy.

Outspoken American billionaire Mark Cuban has actually specified that he might alter his position on bitcoin (BTC) if it might end up being more easy to use– and if the cryptocurrency might in some way shake off what he called a dependence on fiat currencies.

Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise, has actually gone on record as specifying that, although he does own some bitcoin holdings, he still believes the cryptocurrency is simply as “terrible” a financial investment as gold.

Nevertheless, in an appearance on Anthony Pompliano’s Pomp Podcast, Cuban added a caution, specifying that he would be prepared to alter his mind if bitcoin ended up being a “no-brainer” to connect with, that was “completely friction-free”– to the point that “grandmas” might utilize it.

He specified,

“It needs to be understandable by everybody first and then and then you can say it’s an alternative to gold as a store of value.”

However Cuban specified that bitcoin has even more barriers to conquer if it is to go an action even more, and end up being a feasible approach for processing mainstream deals.

He described,

” You have actually got to have the ability to invest [bitcoin], because today you still need to transform it for anything that you desire[to buy] And as long as you need to transform it, you’re still depending on fiat– no matter what you state. I can trade bananas simpler as a product than I can tradebitcoin And I can still consume those bananas prior to they spoils.”

Even gold bars, he quipped, might be utilized as “furniture,” however the virtual nature of bitcoin was both its “beauty and its problem.”

He added that the reality that there were a lot of varied stands on bitcoin just showed how “difficult” it was to utilize.

Cuban likewise put a figure on his bitcoin holdings, which he states were accumulated through sales from Mavericks-related products to fans– a simple USD 130.

Cuban specified that concerns such as mining benefits halving, inter-token competitions and mining were puzzling for a lot of folk, and kept in mind that “we haven’t seen blockchain applications really take off.”


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