Lost Oasis song released after old CD found ‘lying around’, Noel Gallagher announces

Derrick Santistevan

A lost Oasis song has actually been released after an old CD was found in Noel Gallagher’s home.

Called Do Not Stop, the song was never ever taped in a studio and just exists as a demonstration the songwriter stated he believed was “lost forever”.

He stated it was taped at a sound check in Hong Kong “about 15 years ago”, however that there is no date on the CD.

In a message posted on Twitter, he composed: “Like the remainder of the world I have actually had unlimited time to eliminate recently so I believed I ‘d lastly discover and look out what was really on the numerous faceless unmarked CDs I have actually got lying around at home.

” As fate would have it, I have actually come across an old demonstration which I believed had actually been lost permanently.

” I understand a few of you like this tune so we believed we ‘d put it ‘out there’ for you to enjoy/argue over.

“Hope everyone is staying safe and trying to ride out the lockdown with a minimum of fuss. You’re welcome by the way.”

Noel and Liam Gallagher carry out together in among their final shows prior to Oasis split in 2009

Speculation around an Oasis reunion has actually continued because the group split in 2009, however continuing acrimony in between Gallagher and his sibling, frontman Liam, has actually obviously prevented fans’ hopes up until now.

Liam has actually recommended carrying out a performance to raise money for coronavirus relief, while Noel just recently confessed he had actually thought about doing a show together.

“I’ve often thought, ‘Let’s just do a gig.’ But I realised I would only be doing it to shut this f***ing idiot up,” he informed British Style last month.

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