Leigh-Anne Pinnock: ‘A weight has lifted since I spoke out about bigotry’

Derrick Santistevan

Little Mix vocalist Leigh-Anne Pinnock has discovered a “weight has lifted” since she openly spoke about bigotry in a psychological video just recently.

The 28- year-old spoke about her experiences of bigotry while belonging to the chart-topping group in a post on Instagram at the weekend, and on Tuesday, she described why she talked and made the video about the reaction to it.

“I spoke about my experiences briefly last year and I just didn’t feel like enough people cared, like enough people were listening,” Leigh-Anne described in an interview with British TELEVISION show Today.

“And obviously, this is the first time in my life that the whole world is speaking about racism, speaking about black lives and I was just so overwhelmed by it and I just thought, ‘You know what, I feel like I need to kind of get rid of this pain that I’ve been carrying around for nine years and hopefully relate to people.”

In spite of her worries, the Black Magic hitmaker verified the reaction to her video has been extremely favorable.

“It’s actually been such a weight lifted for me,” she stated. “I was hearing from people who have been in the same sort of experiences that I have, so being the black girl in their band in the pop industry, saying how they felt exactly the same way as me and I’ve never ever had conversations with people who have had similar experiences as me.”

Leigh-Anne likewise shared that when she attempted to inform people how she felt, they would inform her “it’s in your head” and assure her the fans enjoyed her.

“My team, I only have one mixed-race person that works for me. I’m touring to predominantly white countries, just that sort of sense of feeling like a misplacement sort of feeling, just not like I really belonged and I could only really speak to my family and some of my friends. I just felt like a lot of people didn’t understand why I felt the way I did,” she admitted.

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