Lady Gaga reportedly had ‘no concept’ her father was asking the public to pay his restaurant staff

Derrick Santistevan

Joe Germanotta was knocked on social media for asking the public for $50,000 to pay the salaries of workers at his New York City business Joanne Trattoria, after he exposed on social media he was required to let 30 of them go due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The restaurant owner established a GoFundMe page to raise money for staff’s salaries, however he dealt with criticism from those who explained that both he and Gaga – who is part owner of the restaurant – are worth millions.

And following the reaction – which saw Joe remove the GoFundMe page – sources have actually now stated Gaga, 34, was not knowledgeable about her father’s decision to openly request money.

One expert stated: “She had no concept he was doing that which concept would have been shot down prior to he even completed bringing it up – and the worst part is, it’s her birthday! Neither she nor [mom] Cynthia would ever let that take place. It was him acting upon his own, sadly, truly bad impulse.”

The source likewise declared Joe was just “acting on impulse” and understands his actions were a “stupid mistake”.

Speaking to Page 6, they added: “It was a stupid embarrassing mistake. He saw other people getting into the spirit of giving and generosity and somehow thought that applied here. It had more to do with the spirit than a belief that he needed or deserved financial help to pass on to his employees. He was acting on impulse.”

Blog Writer Perez Hilton was amongst those to slam Joe for asking for money, after he explained the ‘Stupid Love’ hitmaker is worth an approximated $275 million.

He tweeted: “Lady GaGa is worth numerous millions of dollars AND is part owner in her family’s restaurant.
” Yet her likewise rich father has actually simply taken to Twitter to ask the public to assistance financially the employees they have actually stopped paying.”

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