Kylie Minogue: ‘Lockdown feels a bit lighter than it did a couple weeks ago’

Derrick Santistevan

Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & & Wippa were signed up with by pop icon Kylie Minogue, talking lockdown homesickness, her psychological reunion with Jason Donovan and her approaching album ‘Disco’ out in November. Spoiler; Kylie states she will not be reviving the gold hotpants regrettably “I don’t want to frighten anyone!”.

Kylie Minogue “Lockdown feels a bit lighter than it did a couple weeks ago, I’ve been out to make videos and do a photo shoot. It’s baby steps back into that kind of world. I’m doing okay”
What was it like making this album in lockdown?

Kylie Minogue “ “It was a very different experience. I started working on the album last year. Put it this way, there’s a couple of producers I can’t wait to actually meet. I spent hours and hours and hours with two producers and I only know them from the waist up and in two dimension”

Sarah “Are the gold hotpants coming back for this Disco album?”

Kylie Minogue “No no, I don’t want to frighten anyone. They are probably a bit more bronzed by now!”

Fitzy “Unfortunately Glastonbury was supposed to turn 50 this year, you performed last year which was emotional one for you Kylie because he was supposed to perform there originally in 2005 but obviously with your breast cancer diagnosis you had to pull out. So for you to go back to Glastonbury, was that one of the highlights of your career?”

Kylie Minogue “Without a doubt, absolutely. I mean it’s still hard for me to believe. It was such an extraordinary experience even if I hadn’t had that history and having to cancel in 2005, it’s just a huge deal. Every artist I’ve ever heard or seen talk about it had quite a bit anxiety leading up to that show”

On reuniting with Jason for her Hyde Park show in 2018
Kylie Minogue “Can I tell you about that because it was just beautiful. I texted him maybe a day or two days before the show, saying ‘hey I’ve got this gig on in Hyde Park if you want to come let me know’. He said he had a lot on and if he was going to come it would just be him on his bike, I said ‘sure. Let me know’. So then he told me he was going to come, I let my team know and of course you should see the light bulbs go off on all of them “did you ask him?!” I stated“I’m not going to ask him now, he’s cycling in” I stated to him “We’re doing the song anyway, do you want to join in? You can say no, you can just do a little bit whatever you want to do”. Bless him he didit Later on, I had actually grown buddies of me calling me sobbing.”

On sensation homesick
Kylie Minogue “ “I’ve gotta say through all of this, through the lockdown I don’t think I’ve ever felt further from home. That’s the most difficult thing for me. Not knowing what was happening. I just think, when can I get home?”

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