KP’s development projects in a limbo due to shortage of funds

Sallie Anderson

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) Home Affairs Department might not start deal with some of the secret projects of its yearly development program due to the unavailability of funds that were expected to be supplied by international companies.

According to files of KP Financing Department, the department did not launch even a single rupee from the Rs1.414 billion assigned for the 4 projects of the Home Affairs Department.

The provincial federal government had actually assigned Rs82 billion from foreign help and loans for development programs in the budget of financial year 2019-20 For the KP Home Department, Rs1.563 billion were assigned for 13 projects in the yearly development program, in which Rs 1.414 billion were expected to be supplied by international companies through help and loans

AAWAZ– Voice and Responsibility Program-II, a DFID-assisted project, stopped working to materialise since the department might not launch Rs700 million for it.

The Financing Department did not release funds for “Strengthening Rule of Law Project” for which the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was expected to supply Rs258 million however the quantity was not launched offered to the KP federal government.

Another project, Pakistan’s Action to Counter Terrorism (PACT), which was likewise supported by the UNDP and for which it had actually promised Rs456448 million, did not materialise since no funds were launched.

The UNDP was anticipated to assistance and supply Rs456448 million to “Pakistan Action Counter Terrorism with Special Reference to KP” however the project might not be begun as the UNDP did not supply the required funds.

Sources informed this scribe that the provincial federal government was dealing with significant project hold-ups due to financial problems and the failure of the international companies to supply the guaranteed funds.

According to KP Financing Department’s files, out the Rs1.563 billion yearly development budget of the KP Interior Department, it was supplied simply Rs105875 million from which it invested just Rs14169 million.

The files likewise exposed that the provincial federal government invested Rs14194 million out of Rs56775 million assigned for the yearly de-radicalisation emancipation program in Swat.

On the other hand, the 3 projects– reformation & & abilities development centers for probationers, computerisation of arms licenses, cases management in the directorate of prosecution and its district workplaces– for which Rs30 million were assigned and were likewise launched by the Financing Department, might not be materialised by the Home Department.

Interior Ministry sources informed this scribe that nearly 90 percent of KP’s budget development depends upon the federal government and international companies, who generally do not supply the funds on time, for that reason, postponing the projects by years and straight leading to increasing expenses.

Repetitive efforts were made to contact KP Financing Minister Taimur Salim Jhagra however he was not readily available.

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