Katy Perry thrills fans with online video messages

Derrick Santistevan

Pregnant Katy Perry began her week by unexpected 2 fans with lockdown hook-ups.

The Holler vocalist stunned an eight-year-old British enthusiast, called Charlotte, when she took part in a replacement instructor spoof arranged by BBC Radio 1 speaker Greg James.

The child was awakened and informed to prepare yourself to fulfill her momentary at-home instructor and after that revealed a screen shot of Perry.

After the preliminary shock, Katy and Charlotte talked about their preferred tunes and treats and Perry taped an unique message for all of Charlotte’s good friends, welcoming them to “the world’s best slumber party” as soon as the coronavirus lockdown is over.

Perry likewise shocked Rhode Island ER medical professional Megan Ranney and her kids as part of a Great Early morning America TELEVISION sector.

Katy leapt at the chance to thank Ranney and her family for their sacrifices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, signing up with a video chat with GMA co-host T.J. Holmes and raving about the great medical professional.

“Your mom Megan is an absolute hero, aren’t you so proud of her?” she asked the kids. “Your mum could join the circus; she’s literally doing the best juggling act in the world. She goes to work, she deals with a lot of stuff at work and then she comes home, and I’m sure you guys are both angels.”

Katy then chocked back tears as Megan informed her that her song Holler was a family anthem that assists them remain strong amidst the health crisis she deals with every day.

Perry added: “You are so brave. We can’t get through this without you… Know that I’m going to bed every single night from this call on and I’m gonna keep you in my personal prayers.”

Perry likewise revealed she will be starting GMA’s Summer season 2020 show series, performing her brand-new single Daisies and more from her home on Friday.

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