Justin Bieber urges fans to turn to God amid Covid-19 pandemic

Derrick Santistevan

Justin Bieber has actually thanked Jesus Christ for making him feel “loved, chosen, and forgiven” and prompted fans to turn to their faith amid the continuous coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, the 26- year-old pop star took to Instagram to share a message, opening on his faith and openly thanking Jesus Christ for enabling him to feel “loved, chosen, and forgiven” regardless of years of past indiscretions.

“Thank you Jesus for my life. Thank you for your forgiveness! Thank you for showing me I am enough,” the Intentions star started his post, together with a selfie.

“Thank you that I no longer have to carry shame but can walk with my chest up and head held high knowing I am loved, chosen, and forgiven,” he continued, prior to motivating fans to turn to their faith to assist them through tough times.

“If you struggle with your past give it to Jesus! He isn’t burdened by it,” Justin shared. “He loves you and is honoured to know all of little details good and bad in your life! He isn’t angry with you, he wants the best for you,’ concluded the Baby singer in his caption.”

Justin then reposted his selfie onto his Instagram Story and composed: “Jesus loves you (whether) you believe it or not.”

The Delicious hitmaker and his design partner Hailey are both passionate worshipers, and have actually spoken honestly about their faith and dedication to God on many events.

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