Justice Isa’s wife submits assets detail to FBR

Sandra Loyd

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s wife Sarina Isa on Thursday appeared prior to the Federal Board of Income (FBR) and turned over files associated to her assets.

The Isas’ assets have actually ended up being the topic of argument since a governmental recommendation was submitted versus Justice Isa for not stating all his assets.

Justice Isa challenged the recommendation and stated his wife and adult children had their own assets and he was not accountable for them.

Sarina provided the evidence of her ownership of those assets to Inland Income Commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmed.

On June 18, she exposed information of her London homes to the Supreme Court while tape-recording her declaration by means of video link.

According to the judge, his wife and children, have on their names 3 homes in the W2, E10 and E11 locations of London.

“I faced many difficulties to get the record of these three properties in my name,” she had actually informed the court. The homes were acquired in between 2003 to 2013 and banks do not keep records of more than 10 years.

She exposed that she purchased one property for ₤23,600 in 2004, another for ₤270,000, which is under her and her child’s name, and the 3rd one for ₤245,000 in2013 Her child resides in among the homes and has actually put the other 2 on lease.

The money for the purchase was sent out from her foreign currency bank account to London. The money was moved to an account which is just in my name, she added.

Sarina had actually shared that she wed Justice Isa on December 25,1980 “My mother is Spanish and I have a Spanish passport too,” she added.

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