Journalist Aziz Memon’s body to be exhumed for post- mortem

Sandra Loyd

KARACHI: The body of journalist Aziz Memon will be exhumed on Sunday for his second post- mortem assessment to determine the real reason for his death.

A three-member medical panel led by the medical superintendent of the PMC Medical Facility Nawabshah has actually been alerted for the function.

The provincial health secretary, the appropriate sessions judge, Kandiaro judicial magistrate, members of the joint examination team (JIT) penetrating the declared murder and others will be present throughout the exhumation of the body.

Previously today, a regional court had actually authorized a demand by the JIT to exhume the body for an autopsy.

The head of the Joint Examination Team (JIT) penetrating journalist Aziz Memon’s declared eliminating looked for approval from the court over suggestions of senior physicians to perform his post mortem once again.

The examination team stated they discovered numerous defects in the previous post mortem report, which stated the reason for death suffocation however it did not discuss more information of how he passed away.

Previously, on March 4, bro of killed journalist Aziz Memon had actually turned down a report provided prior to the National Assembly’s (NA) standing committee, stating the death due to natural causes.

Hafeez Memon stated that providing such a report on the high profile killing of his bro was a joke.

“We have earlier demanded to handover the investigations to SSP Investigations Tanvir Tunio, however, no one paid heed and it remain divided between the probe teams of the two districts,” he stated.

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