Johnny Depp libel trial: Video emerges of Amber Heard’s sister ‘after attack by starlet’

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Formerly hidden reality TELEVISION video footage of Amber Heard’s sister after she was apparently assaulted by the starlet has actually been revealed to the High Court after being sent out in anonymously.

The clip was considerably used Friday afternoon, with Depp‘s lawyer David Sherborne informing the court it was sent out by a “confidential source” on Thursday night – after Whitney Henriquez offered proof to state her sister had actually never ever been violent towards her.

Ms Henriquez informed the court the video footage was for a “really bad reality TV show” and stated they were talking about a spoken argument, not a physical one.

In the brief video, which Mr Sherborne stated was taped in 2006 or 2007, Ms Henriquez is with some other women by a swimming pool. She states she “got into an altercation”, however does not wish to discuss it even more.

Whitney Henriquez in formerly hidden video footage revealed to the court

Secret minutes from day 14 of Johnny Depp’s libel case versus NGN:

  • Heard’s sister completed offering proof and informed the court she and Amber “grew up in a violent household… And were taught to stay”
  • She rejects offering false proof to the court and states Heard “was a victim of domestic violence and that’s the only reason. I’m here to do the right thing”
  • Performing coach Kristina Sexton stated Heard informed her Depp had “slapped and tried to strangle her” – and had actually formerly thought there was domestic abuse happening
  • Heard’s good friend Raquel Pennington stated in her declaration that she feared “Johnny might accidentally kill her” while intoxicated
  • She rejected Heard utilized makeup to phony injuries, and stated it was “completely false” they had actually fabricated damage to the houses
  • Another good friend of Heard’s, author and activist iO Tillett Wright, explained the call in which it was declared he heard Depp toss a phone in Heard’s face
  • He likewise explained Heard as “faecal phobic” and stated there is no other way she would have left excrement in the couple’s marital bed, as has actually been declared

Amber Heard waved as she reached court on Friday early morning

In the remarkable brand-new video proof revealed to the court, a lady, who at one point seems analyzing Ms Henriquez’s face, states: “I can’t think Amber beat your ass. I understand you might beat her ass,” and after that later: “Whitney truth or dare? Did you really start the fight with your sister? Or did she start it? For real, for real, for real.”

When Ms Henriquez then states: “We’re not going to talk about that”, the lady responds: “She really did whoop your butt.”

Sasha Wass, NGN’s attorney, stated the video was “light-hearted” and stated it revealed “no evidence of any injuries”.

Depp’s team state the brand-new video “demonstrates Ms Whitney (Henriquez) was lying yesterday”.

On Thursday, she rejected that Heard had actually ever struck her, or that she was “frightened” of her sister.

Amber Heard (ideal) and Ms Henriquez envisioned together in2016

Ms Henriquez likewise offered proof stating she saw Depp punch Heard “really hard in the head… multiple times” in Los Angeles in March 2015, in the so-called “stairs incident”.

She confessed that her sister likewise punched the star on that celebration, however stated she just did so “in my defence” since she thought he was going to press her down the stairs.

Discussing the brand-new video, Mr Sherborne informed the court: “After [Ms Henriquez] offered proof the other day, one of our team was called by a specific, on the basis of being kept personal.”

He added: “We were called to describe that Ms Amber Heard had a history of violence and assaulting people and this video, which was connected, of her sister Whitney was taken soon after Amber Heard had actually assaulted her and Ms Whitney [Henriquez] was shot with people discussing the contusions on her face and body.”

Mr Sherborne advised the judge in the event, Mr Justice Nicol, of Ms Henriquez’s proof from the previous day, which she had stated the “stairs incident” was a “one-off”.

Johnny Depp was offered flowers by fans as he strolled into the court

Ms Henriquez’s proof about the event in March 2015 is “the only occasion on which any other human being is supposed to have witnessed” Depp being violent towards Heard, the lawyer continued.

” The dependability of Ms Whitney [Henriquez] is important,” Mr Sherborne stated.

Questioned about the brand-new video footage, Ms Henriquez rejected there was a”physical fight” She stated the show’s manufacturers were attempting to make a story much better.

“They were trying to make a narrative that wasn’t there,” she stated. “Trying to make a really, really boring conversation more interesting.”

Ms Henriquez informed the court she did not wish to talk about a conflict with her sister on TELEVISION.

“I wanted to shut the conversation down,” she stated. “I had no interest in talking about that on camera.”

Eleanor Laws, Depp’s attorney, likewise questioned Ms Henriquez on what she stated was a noticeable mark on her chest in the video footage, which Heard’s sister stated was not true, arguing that the attorney was “looking for injuries that are not there”.

( L-R) Heard leaves together with her sister Whitney

Likewise on Friday, the court heard proof from Heard’s performing coach of 10 years, Kristina Sexton, who stated she had actually never ever seen Depp “hit, kick, or throw anything” at Heard.

She stated Heard had actually informed her that Depp had “slapped and tried to strangle her” in 2016, however that she had actually formerly thought domestic abuse was going on.

She stated on one celebration when Heard was shooting the motion picture Blonde, she saw she was “wearing a thick layer of foundation”, which excited her suspicions, as she generally “didn’t really wear make up in the daytime”.

Describing Depp and Heard’s wedding event, she stated: “I feel that she [Heard] wasn’t in an excellent mindset in the week I saw her prior to she got wed.”

Amber Heard (left) and Ms Henriquez envisioned together in 2015

Heard’s former best good friend, Raquel Pennington, informed the court she “became really scared for Amber’s life” after the Australia event, which is declared to have actually occurred in March 2015.

In her declaration, she stated she hesitated “Johnny might accidentally kill her while he was intoxicated or delusional like he was in Australia”.

She explained graphic injuries she had actually seen on Amber’s arms after the journey, consisting of “lacerations, deep scratches or cuts, from the length of her wrist to her elbow” and smaller sized cuts on the bottom of both her feet.

She likewise explained seeing Heard’s injuries after a supposed event in December 2015 – the day prior to the starlet shot a look on James Corden’s The Late Late Show.

Ms Pennington stated: “The one that sticks out the most in my memory is the injury to the back of her head, the scalp, that was bloody where her hair had actually been removed.

” Furthermore, she had a really inflamed nose at that point, it was rather tender, and possibly another … laceration or scrape (at the) front of her scalp also, and like an injury to her lip.”

She rejected that she and Heard had actually harmed one of Depp’s penthouse houses after going to policeman had actually left the structure – and taken pictures – in order to reinforce Heard’s application for a domestic violence limiting order soon prior to she looked for a divorce in 2016.

Heard (envisioned outside court on Thursday) is because of respond to concerns about the clip

Last to offer proof was Heard’s good friend iO Tillett Wright.

He explained an occurrence in May 2016, when he states he heard Depp and Heard arguing when he was on the phone to Heard, and after that the phone being dropped, and “what sounded like a cry or a yelp”.

He states he heard Heard “say something like you just threw the phone at my face” – and the next thing he heard was Depp stating “Oh, you think I hit you, you think I hit you. What if I peel your hair back?”.

He states he then heard Heard yell, and”everything seemed to get further away from the phone” He stated he heard her scream “call 911”, which he then did.

He likewise informed the court: “A number of people who worked in the entertainment industry were afraid of speaking up and saying what they had seen as they feared they would be blacklisted.”

Raquel Pennington stated she was Heard’s ‘friend’ throughout the time of the supposed violence

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Depp is taking legal action against NGN, the publishers of The Sun paper, over the publication of a post in April 2018 which kept up the heading: “Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be ‘genuinely happy’ casting wife beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film?”

NGN is safeguarding the short article as true and is depending on 14 claims of violence made by Heard, their witness, in its defence.

The case, the most significant English libel trial of the 21 st century, is because of finish next week with closing submissions from both sides’ legal teams on Monday and Tuesday, and a judgment anticipated at a later date.

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