Jim Carrey reveals what he did when he thought he had 10 minutes to live

Adrian Ovalle

Jim Carrey has actually exposed what went through his mind when he thought he had just 10 minutes to live after a rocket alert was erroneously transmitted in Hawaii.

The star stated he invested what he thought were his last minutes gazing into the Pacific Ocean when the warning of an impending ballistic rocket was broadcast to the island in 2018.

Carrey exposed he had at first attempted to run away, prior to understanding it would not be possible.

An alert sent out to the United States state had cautioned: ‘This is not a drill’

He stated he had thought to himself: “I don’t want to die in my car”.

Speaking to United States talk show host Jimmy Fallon, he remembered: “At that point, I began going, ‘OK, what can I make with this last minute of time’.

“I just decided to go through a list of gratitudes and honest to God I just could not stop thinking of wonderful things that have happened to me and blessings I’ve had.”

He added: “It was charming. And I got to a point of grace at about 2 minutes to extra when I learnt it wasn’t really taking place.

“All I was planning to do was closing my eyes and be thankful because it’s been a good ride.”

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Asked how he responded to the news that the alert was an error, Carrey stated: “I got p***** off and heads rolled.”

The alert was sent out on 13 January 2018 and informed locals to nestle from an inbound rocket. The message cautioned: “This is not a drill.”

Authorities later on stated there had been a miscommunication throughout a workout at the Hawaii Emergency Situation Management Firm.

A staff member was fired after the event.

Carrey appeared on Fallon’s The Tonight Show show to promote his book Memoirs and False information, which features an image of his panic-stricken face on the cover.

“The cover is actually my face after being told I have 10 minutes to live,” the 58- year-old stated.

“It was completely real to us.”

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