Israel’s addition? – the EU’s options

Sallie Anderson

We may be in the middle of among the most damaging durations in the history of Israel and Palestine.

Yet the years long absence of action of the EU threats to definitively put Europe on the incorrect side ofhistory


It is time the EU defends its own laws and worths and in practice shows what sanctions Israel can anticipate when the addition of Palestine takes place.

Since, sadly, it is no longer a matter of if, however when Israel will start to annex big parts of Palestine consisting of Jordan Valley and all its 131 settlements.

In spite of international condemnation, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will perform his election pledge at the earliest on 1 July and versus this background, the EU deals with a vital option in pursuit of a 2 state option: to utilize a few of all the legal tools it needs to sanction Israel – or confess its complicity when addition takes place.

Thankfully, the EU has numerous legal tools at hand.

Firstly, EU is Israel’s top trading partner covering more than one- 3rd of Israel’s foreign trade (consisting of the UK) and anything the EU does to this will have an impact on Israeli activities.

The responsibility for distinction in between items from Israel and its settlements is preserved in UN Security Council Resolution 2334 and the EU ought to for that reason stop all interaction with the settlements, significantly on trade, EU help programs and culture.

Israeli inhabitants enjoy visa- open door to EU while their Palestinian neighbours should request visa. Altering this will be a big blow for Israelis and impact Netanyahu’s appeal.

Israel likewise has access to the world’s biggest research study financing platform the Horizon program.

Price Quotes show that Israel advantage EUR140 m net 2013-2020 on this and ending this collaboration along with the Erasmus+ student exchange will be damaging to the crucial Israeli tech market along with research study andscience


This ought to be stopped till actions towards a 2- state option takes place.

The EU ought to in addition think about cutting off diplomatic relations – as it has actually finished with Russia, Venezuela and Turkey.

Lastly, it is time for member states to acknowledge Palestine within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the shared capital.

If states do not do it now they will most likely not get the chance once again,

Acknowledgment would send out a strong signal of assistance to the Palestinians.

Numerous of these efforts pooled together will have some impact on Netanyahu however they will likewise place the EU on the right side of history: as those who defended international law along with its own worths.

If words without action continues, the EU will be complicit in producing a one- state where Jewish people are people and Palestinian people topics.

Such state will be an apartheid state and a catastrophe for both people.

Such state can never ever be Democratic and jewish and safe and Europe need to conserve its own formula and do whatever it can to promote a serene 2- state option and prevent what will likely be a years long battle for equivalent rights for the Palestinians.

This instability is not just a risk to Palestinian and israeli security; it is likewise harmful for Europe.

Oppression someplace is a risk to justice anywhere and many will be observing this as a test for whether the EU can functioning as a crucial gamer on the international arena by promoting its worths and defending guideline of law.

A cause and effect will be harmful to the security and stability of Europe and Palestine then makes up a test of the geopolitical power of the EU.

Although EU still does not have its own territorial defence it does have actually a weapon filled with diplomatic and trade- associated ammo, prepared to utilize.

The EU currently has sanctions on more than 30 countries and on some 1,200 individuals – it is time the EU pulls the trigger versus Israeli profession prior to it becomes addition and ‘acts appropriately’ – not simply in words however likewise in action.

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