Investors in bitcoin almost double those in gold, according to surveys of Michael Saylor

Sandra Loyd

Through a survey on his Twitter profile, the CEO and founder of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, asked his followers what percentage of their portfolio they spent on investments in gold and bitcoin (BTC). The figures not only turned in favor of cryptocurrency, but also showed that the amounts invested in relation to the available capital were higher.

According to the survey responses, 44,268 users claimed to have savings in bitcoin greater than 50% of their total investments , while for the metal, only 4,097 people allocated that percentage.

Also the amount of people investing in BTC over gold was higher. While 87,661 users claimed to have investments in crypto assets, the gold holders who participated in the research were 49,636; this represents 56.31% of bitcoin investors.

Most voters who invest in BTC allocate a large part of their capital to it. Source: Michael Saylor /

The data agrees with measurements from analytical firms such as Ecoinometrics, which recently published a report that concluded that gold does not It only needs great leverage to generate great returns, but also was among the lowest-yielding investments in the last decade, as explained in the publication of CriptoNoticias about it. . On the other hand, the gains in cryptocurrencies exceed those of this asset even without the need for leverage.

On the other hand, considering the context in which the survey took place, it was probably expected that any crypto asset is imposed on top of other conventional assets. Michael Saylor is not only responsible for promoting the benefits of Bitcoin on a daily basis through his profile and his company MicroStrategy, but also offers educational courses through the Saylor Academy.

Investor preferences in gold and bitcoin

The aforementioned survey also graphs in detail the “profile” of bitcoin investors, or at least of those who follow Michael Saylor on Twitter.

In this sense, more Beyond what was commented previously, there is 21.6% of users (18,934 people) who have not allocated more than 10% of their portfolio to this cryptoactive. Those who invested between 11 and 20% represent 14.2% of those who voted in this section of the survey, while the remaining 13.7% of voters claimed to allocate between 31 and 50% of their capital to BTC.

Investors’ strategies in gold differ from those who prefer cryptocurrencies. Source: Michael Saylor /

Another piece of information that emerges from the Taylor survey is that those who invest in gold usually allocate a Low percentage of their portfolio to this: for 83.8% of gold investors (41,594 people), their capital in the metal does not exceed 10% of their total investments. Meanwhile, 5.4% have between 11 and 20% of their capital in gold, while the remaining 2.6% invested between 31 and 50% of their capital in this asset.

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