Interview with Alex Richter: Future of Antares Trade

Tyler Hromadka

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Hi Alex! of all, thank you for the time that we have actually been provided and the desire to address our concerns.

Great afternoon, pleased to satisfy you.

Concern one: is Antares today a start-up or is it currently a business?

You understand, by age, of course, we can be categorized as a start-up. For all the fundamental indications and the rate of scaling, we are a well-managed business. At present, we are actively establishing our business design, incorporating numerous business into our platform. Those indications that we have actually accomplished in the first weeks of the official launch are unattainable for many recently opening companies. Well and, of course, we do not keep this a secret – we frequently notify our partners about our growth rates. If you are interested, you can acquaint yourself with them on our official website –


Thank you for the response, it is really fascinating. The next concern: What is the point of Antares business?

To put it quickly, Antares is the next generation online circulation platform that consists of a wide range of tasks. At the exact same time, people from all over the world and of any earnings can utilize it to increase earnings by making numerous financial investments. Now there are no such limitations if earlier it was offered to fortunate layers.

What is very important, we attempt to gather brand-new ideal and extremely lucrative instruments in one location, on our platform. Partner business get the chance to offer services and items, minimizing the expense of conventional marketing andnetwork Antares suppliers get to special items, along with the chance to develop your own business to promote them, ending up being independent business partners (NPAA).

Obviously, the platform is extremely thinking about guaranteeing that business it promotes satisfy strict financial and financial requirements – we carry out financial underwriting on 138 specifications.

As I comprehend it, there are now 2 programs on the Antares platform. What are the potential customers for growth?

Not truly. Today is currently 3. In the coming quarter, we will trigger another programs (each brand-new project on the platform is a brand-new program). Till completion of 2020, we will have 4-5 more programs according to the strategy. In basic, we are devoted to a long-lasting technique and in 2021 there will be even more.

Currently, we are auditing 37 business and, potentially, we will increase the number of partner business from the formerly revealed figures.

Let me ask you the immodest concern, how to end up being an Antares partner business?

Immodest concern (laughing).

If you have actually developed a genuinely special item, if you can pass our audit and the board of directors authorizes your business as a prospect, then, it is rather possible within the next one and a half years.

However why so long?

As I stated previously, we are concentrated on the long-lasting. And all the programs that we handle promo are long-cycle business. The second factor is that we have actually currently signed 14 business with shared commitments for the next year and ahalf And the 3rd – we are utilized to hurrying gradually. I would not desire anything else.

Could you expose the secrets – tasks from which locations can be your partners? Exactly what draws in the increased attention of your team?

Great concern. In the next year and a half, you will see on our platform the most pertinent and high-margin tasks from all over the world. Bepatient And much better – take part order to take full advantage of the usage of our platform resources.

In my viewpoint, have you declined to address?

In part. Attempt to check out in between the lines.

According to rumours, you have a relatively broad affiliate network in conventional financing. Who are you currently working with?

I comprehend your interest. The reality is that I am bound by a trade secret and will not address you infull I wish for your understanding.

From what I can share, we remain in consistent interaction with significant global financial organizations – funds and banks. These are the companies with which I have actually developed enduring collaborations, even prior to the start of Antares.

Thank you. And the last concern, if one does not take the technological element of Antares advancement, what can your consumers get today?

First of all, I suggest that every consumer check out our website. Distinct programs are now offered for our partners. A range of financial investment bundles from $ 100 to $ 100,000 and the possibility of recommendation systems. We really satisfy the modern-day pattern – business without borders.


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