Inside.Gamer Community Spotlight # 5

Adrian Ovalle
Last month, Inside.Gamer launched a new community platform where you can chat about games with your fellow gamers and where you can find the necessary gifs, heavy discussions, self-made reviews and off-topic topics.

If you missed it, you can find an extensive post about it here Inside.Gamer. In this post, we highlight a number of posts from this week for you.

What are we playing this weekend? March 20 and 21

As usual Jacco kicks off the weekend with a thread in which everyone shares his or her games to be played this weekend.

Thijs, Jacco, Michel, Lars and Cody kick off and share their game food for this weekend. Thijs is currently enjoying Curse of the Death Gods but also wants to give the original Dishonored a try. Jacco has finally become a Pokémon champion and is having a great time with Animal Crossing and Warzone, but is now actually ready for something new.

Curious about what the rest of the editors will be playing this weekend?

What are we playing this weekend?


Q&A: Must be Sony worry after Microsoft takeover of Bethesda?

The deal is done! Microsoft has bought Bethesda. Phil Spencer indicated that the purchase is mainly intended to deliver exclusive titles for Game Pass platforms. Should Sony worry now that The Elder Scrolls 6 might not be playable on PlayStation 5?

In this post, several editors share their thoughts on Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda

Read the entire post here

Illustration: Explore all game titles.

Doctor Caspari has been creative again and this time made a special illustration with various references to games.

“I am very curious if you know how to find them all. Some may be a bit vague and / or cryptic, but I hope you see the challenge here. To give you some guidelines :

Let there be n total 29 game titles to discover.

Game titles range from retro, indie to modern games.

Good luck, and I love to read your findings in the comments! “

View here the illustration of Doctor Caspari!

Game Addict

A very interesting article by user SilentF0rce-1, in which he talks about his teenage years and the problems he had at the time.

“It is Monday morning and I see on my clock that it is already five o’clock. My bedroom smells musty. The first rays of sunlight are already coming in through the cheap roller blinds. 20 empty cans of private label Coke next to my bed. Four empty bags of Croky Bolognese chips with thousands of crumbs in my bed. I am among those crumbs. Headset on, controller in my hand. Through the headset, poetic statements such as “fucking camper”, “noob”, “Teabag the bitch, bitch!” Sound. “

Read SilentF0rce-1’s article here

Are game adaptations always bad?

User SemB wonders why game adaptations are usually so bad. His favorite game is Uncharted, a cinematic spectacle with good dialogues and interesting characters. Still SemB is afraid that the film will disappoint, but why? Are film adaptations always bad or are there also examples of super good screen adaptations?

Read the discussion about game adaptations here

Why VR?

This is why

Egbert responds to Thierry Baudet’s gaming livestream

Political parties try to appeal to young people with all their might, and FVD also made an attempt here to Twitch! Thierry Baudet and Freek Jansen went video games for 2 hours, including philosophical gibberish. Here the summary!

Read the comments here

Curious how Breath of the Wild works 8k would look like?

Breath of the Wild is of course a wonderful game in itself. But what if you played the game in 8k with ray tracing?

Breath of the Wild in 8k

So much for a selection of the posts on Inside.Gamer of this week. Looking for more? There is always more to be found on the new community platform. And don’t forget to post something nice now and then!

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