IHC moved against ‘out-of-turn’ allotment of plots to nine civil servants

Sandra Loyd

ISLAMABAD: A petition has actually been submitted in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) challenging the “out of turn” allotment of plots to nine senior civil servants consisting of Azam Khan, primary secretary to Prime Minister Imran Khan, in D-12 sector of Islamabad.

The petitioner– Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, a retired BPS-22 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS)– competes that the allocations were made “in grave violation of Rule 5(1) of Islamabad Land Disposal Regulations 2005.” In reality, the plots were developed by the Capital Advancement Authority (CDA) at its first- ever conference in 2020.

The petition checks out: “On March 3, nine custom-made plots in the developed and prime sector D-12 of Islamabad were offered/allotted, out of turn by the participant No 1 [Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation] to participants 5 to 13 who are serving and retired civil servants/ officers promoted to BS-22 in 2018, 2019.”

According to the petition, the CDA developed the plots while working out power under area 19 check out with area 21 of CDA Regulation, 1960, on the pretext of a modification to the design strategy of D-12, and FGEHF set aside these to the Azam Khan, Air Travel Division Secretary Hasan Nasir Jamy, States and Frontier Regions Secretary Mohammad Aslam, Petroleum Division Secretary Mian Asad Hayauddin, Preparation Division Secretary Zafar Hassan, Federal Board of Earnings (FBR) customized policy member Mohammad Javed Ghani, FBR legal and accounting member Fazal Yazdani Khan, Syed Ejaz Ali Shah Wasti, currently posted in the facility division and former info secretary Shafqat Jalil.

The petition declared that the allotment of plots to those officers is “not only illegal but also unreasonable, tainted with mala fides and involves procedural impropriety. Hence, the entire process of creation and allotment of plots under challenge is liable to set aside.”

The petition mentioned that considering that D-12 was a currently developed sector, under the ILD guidelines 2005, the CDA can not set aside a plot in this sector to any serving or retired officer.

It stated the CDA made a decision to change the design strategy of the sector and has actually offered one month to aggrieved individuals to file objections. “it is interesting to note that CDA, even without waiting for the expiry of one month time, proceeded to place the plots…at the disposal of the respondent No. 1.”

FGEHF without developing any system for allotment of developed plots continued to set aside the plots to the above discussed senior bureaucrats, the petition added.

“The hurriedness on the part of the CDA and FGEHF in the process of creation and allotment of plots under challenge manifestly makes it abundantly clear that this exercise was not done in the normal course of business but was a pre-planned act to oblige some blue-eyed individuals,” the petition declared.

“It is a matter of record that no advertisement has been made in newspapers or any other manner to invite objection of the general public before taking decision for amendment of the layout plan of sector D-12.” And hence, the authorities broke the basic rights of the basic public.

The petition mentioned that under the guidelines, the civil servants might just be set aside plots in undeveloped sectors, in sector D-12 officer promoted to BS-22 in2012 Those promoted in the last couple of years were offered plots in the upcoming sectors of F-14 and F-15

It declared that being promoted over the last few years, those officers might just get plots in the upcoming sectors, not in a developed sector like D-12

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