If this continues, 50,000 tons of manganese will surface

Sandra Loyd

With a grant of EUR 362 million, EIT InnoEnergy is supporting a manganese project in Chvaletice, Czech Republic, as an investment by Euro Manganese, which could make a significant contribution to building a competitive, sustainable battery cell value chain in Europe in the future. , including through the European Battery Association (EBA)

Chvaletice is the only significant source of manganese in the European Union that will be able to meet up to 50% of Europe’s high-purity manganese demand for batteries by 2025. also. This is also why this project is a milestone in the European automotive industry, as it can reduce the risk of raw material supply disruptions in the long run. High-purity manganese is an essential raw material for batteries, and European electric vehicles will rely on it for the most part. It is estimated that international demand will increase by more than ten times the value by 2021 by 2030.

“It is planned that after a full start, as one of the world’s largest producers of high-purity manganese, around 50,000 tonnes of manganese per year We are expected to be able to extract it in 25 years, ”said Marco Romero, CEO of Euro Manganese, in support of EIT InnoEnergy, who added that the investment would create 400 jobs and could improve water pollution in the area. Manganese will be extracted from a tailings stream (fine-grained, sandy waste heaps) left over from a closed mine 90 km from Prague

in critical manganese extraction. At the same time, the project is in line with the long-term industrial strategy of the Union and the EIT InnoEnergy, which aims to make the continent the world’s second largest battery cell producer and create around 800,000 jobs by 2025, thanks to large-scale industrial projects in the coming years. related to the sector. The investment was also supported by the fact that it could remedy the harmful effects of past mining activities and that the recycling of industrial waste would bring environmental benefits and thus strengthen Europe’s green and electric future.

In Chvaletice The manganese project is supported by local communities, which, in addition to the potential economic and environmental benefits, guarantees the remediation of the mining area involved in the investment.

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