IBM on a drastic diet

Sandra Loyd

IBM will continue to “green” its operations and aim to ensure that its operations do not result in any greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade. The high-tech giant, which, like other large companies, is placing increasing emphasis on protecting the environment, has set a 65 percent reduction in emissions by 2010 by 2025, and wants to cover 65 percent of the energy used from renewable sources, and by the end of the decade It raises it to 90 percent.

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing problems of our time, said IBM Director Arvind Krishna, who said IBM would continue to play a leading role in the fight to protect the planet. At the same time, other large corporations have made spectacular announcements recently: Amazon, for example, wants to achieve zero emissions by 2040; Microsoft – like IBM, plans for carbon neutrality by 2030. In technical terms, Microsoft has had zero emissions since 2012, but this can only be achieved through carbon offsets such as reforestation programs.

However, like its other counterparts, IBM has something to do to reduce its carbon footprint. Indirect emissions generated by IBM products are also an important part of this – but how the company wants to mitigate this is not addressed in the latest environmental plans.

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