Hunter Drops Rakhmanov in rematch, Wins ShoBox Main Event


Super lightweight upstart Keith Hunter (12 -0, 7 KO) showed he has Sanjarbek Rakjmanov’s number, beating him for the second time on Friday night. Hunter, initially slated to deal with blue-chipper Malik Hawkins, discovered himself in the ring with Rakjmanov (12 -3 -1, 6 KO) for the second time within a single fiscal year when the Uzbek bruiser entered the ShoBox main event on a week’s notification.

Hunter, completing for the 4th time at Sam’s Town Hotel in Las Vegas, never ever let his competing determine the tale of the battle, softening up Rakjmanov with an incredible jab, scoring one knockdown, and laying on heavy abuse in the final round, winning 98-91, 97-92, and 98-91 to stay unbeaten in his five-year profession.

After the battle, Showtime color analyst Raul Marquez provided the triumphant male full marks.

“Hunter left no doubt in the rematch,” Marquez stated. “This fight and the rounds he won very decisively. I only gave Rakjmanov one round. Hunter is a really good prospect: tall, rangy, and knows how to use that to his advantage.”

Hunter did take advantage of a big reach benefit: seven-and-a-half inches to be precise. Rakjmanov got a taste of that in their first encounter which Hunter left to an early, poking at the zealous much shorter puncher.

Hunter, 27, went back to his support this weekend. This time hooking off that stunning jab in the opening round Rakjmanov was once again seen parrying a couple of jabs from a bent position.

There were long right-hand men that opened the second frame forHunter They landed flush, she audibly thudding off Rakjmanov’s temple. The very same punch floored Rakjmanov in their first battle. This night, simply under the two-minute mark of Round 3, it was a follow- up a left hook that skid throughout the Uzbek’s head and the stout puncher tipped over, capturing himself with gloves to the canvas: a self-evident knockdown.

Hunter’s output was adequate through the middle phases. His one-two volleys were crisp. Like their first go, Hunter consumed his male‘s best punches and soon Rakjmanov would be minimized to particular punching.

Rakjmanov, nevertheless, bit down on his mouthpiece for the 6th verse. It was his cleanest round, scoring by pitching fastballs upstairs, slicing blows to Hunter’s head. The taller male dropped his hands and depend on fancy upper-body motion however the round was Rakjmanov’s.

It looked as though Rakjmanov might bring the momentum over into the seventh inning when he rapidly drove Hunter to the ropes The focus from the
the broadcast ended up being focused around an evident injury to Hunter’s power, the best hand (later exposed to have little swelling however still apparently hurt according to Hunter’s corner).

Those sharp, spearing right-hand men from Hunter reduced in the rounds however he was still all smiling.

Well ahead, Hunter broke out of his corner for the final round excited to blend it up with Rakjmanov. This level of blood competing action specified the outstanding seventh round they shared in 2015. And Hunter plainly wished to do it once again.

Bouncing in and out, Hunter was seen striking at his opponent– his right-hand man consisted of. Even when Rakjmanov hurried in and finished up the larger contender, Hunter handled to tag his clinging attacker, curling his long pendulums into

In the final minute, Rakjmanov was overwhelmed. That range he longed for to close for so long was now his worst enemy Hunter in his face, and the center of the ring, nicked Rakjmanov up and down, uppercuts and hooks crashing into the falling apart figurine.

At a look, the ShoStats were strange. For all his supremacy, Hunter just landed 17 percent of his overall punches, compared to Rakjmanov’s 31 percent clip.

It was the unbelievable output that did not go undetected by either the judges or Rakjmanov who was out on his feet in the subsiding seconds.

The decision significant Hunter’s second win over the 10-round range. He is unbeaten, doing his combating family proud, as the more youthful sibling to heavyweight popularizer Michael Hunter II, and child to their dad, the original Michael “The Bounty” Hunter, who fought through the noteworthy heavyweight scene of the 1990 s.

Now a veteran headliner, Keith Hunter is starting to go far for himself.

Tripleheader Highlights: Big Punches and Big Upsets

To open the broadcast, Mayweather Promos had high expected 2 of their partners, Kevin Newman (11 -2 -1, 6 KO) and Richardson Hitchins (11 -0, 5 KO).

Hitchins, for one, looked after business, choosing Nicholas DeLomba by large margins, not quitting a single round in this 10-round junior welterweight bout. A former Olympian, he utilized his fast hands to drill into DeLomba with timeless mixes and take out a consentaneous decision (100-90 throughout the board). The ShoStats painted a clear photo as Hitchins landed 192 of 585 overall punches (33 percent) while DeLomba just linked on 81 of 447 (18 percent).

Newman was less remarkable, losing in a big upset to the indistinguishable Genc Pllana (8-1-1, 4 KO).

Pllana’s unconventional combating might not have actually looked as quite regarding be anticipated from somebody with the self-styled label “Sexy Albanian” however it sufficed to conquer 5-1 underdog chances. It was an average battle, conserve for common Jay Nady shenanigans, however, the ringside panel was in the arrangement, turning in 3 scores 96-94 for the going to Kosovan fighter.

Pllana, 26, was far busier than his opponent from the start. He opened the battle with 3 successive extreme blows to the back of Newman’s head, to which referee Nady rapidly threatened a disqualification. The remainder of the method, Pllana never ever rather got on Nady’s great side however continuously marked Newman’s in the confront with a range of winging punches from impossible angles, strolling the house fighter down in an incompetent way, typically standing upright (arching his back, to boot) enabling his lead hand to hang below his waist.

The 28- year-old Newman might have landed at a more precise clip, routinely landing a flickering jab to this male‘s body, however, was revealed absolutely no capability to. This in spite of having the promoter behind him and Roy Jones Jr. in his corner.

According to the broadcast’s ShoStats, Pllana landed 74 of 602 punches (12 percent) and Newman linked on 96 of 315 (30 percent).

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