Hitman 3 receives seven-part expansion Seven Deadly Sins

Adrian Ovalle
A seven-part expansion for Hitman 3 called Seven Deadly Sins will be released.

The seven-part expansion is supposed to move players “deep in the head” of Agent 47. Each expansion must target a different deadly sin, with the first expansion revolving around greed.

This first expansion, dubbed ‘Greed’, will be released on March 30th. and takes players back to Dubai. Here is a new Escalation mission called The Greed Enumeration playable. The new Rapacious Suit can also be unlocked and two items inspired by the theme, called ‘The Greedy Little Coin’ and ‘The Devil’s Cane’, can be found.

Each expansion can be purchased separately or as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Collection. Each ‘season’ of a Sin should last four to six weeks and contain both paid and free content, after which the next expansion will appear. At the beginning of April, IO Interactive will reveal the full schedule.

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