He wants to return to the original source as Intel’s new leader

Sandra Loyd

A day after he formally took over Intel’s leadership, Pat Gelsinger sent a reminder to Intel employees urging his company to once again be a “source of innovation” in the industry. . The letter states that Gelsinger has high hopes for Intel’s excellent engineering team and for its achievements in research into next-generation computing architectures, and expects, among other things, Intel’s innovation renewal.

The new director

Gelsinger highlighted three main points: Intel should be a leader in all categories where it competes with VMware, but spent a year at VMware before being certified by VMware. ; work flawlessly and return to the principles of direct, transparent, and data-driven “Grove” leadership (Andy Grove, or András Gróf was a co-founder and director of Intel of Hungarian descent who played a key role in the company’s rise and career in later industry greats such as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs).

The new CEO recalls his long history at Intel and calls his position a “dream job.” Gelsinger was called back to the company after investors demanded a definite change of direction at the company. Investors met Intel’s manufacturing difficulties, which led to the chip and giant microprocessor market losing its strong position to its major rival, AMD.

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