Haim detail experiences with sexism in music industry on new album

Derrick Santistevan

Haim have actually opened about the sexism they have actually come across in the music industry on their new album.

The all-female brother or sister trio, consisted of Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, are among the most popular Los Angeles pop-rock attire, however in a chat with Range, they exposed recruiters were focused on their gender up till just recently.

Confessing that they would continuously be asked, “What it’s like to be…?” in “every single interview”, Danielle stated: “We haven’t gotten asked the question this record cycle, which is also another reason why we wanted to call the album Women in Music. So it’s actually great.”

The new record, entitled Women in Music Pt. III, appears to take on sexism from the start, with the cover art representing The Wire hitmakers behind the counter at their cherished Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles, posturing in front of a sea of sausages.

Danielle, the group’s main songwriter and lead singer, admitted the title is “mostly funny. But we also thought, ‘Why don’t we just put it into our music and tell our fans some of the experiences that we’ve had?'”

One specific verse on the record information the prejudgments and inconveniences women deal with entering into guitar stores, with Danielle discussing: “Growing up, being young women musicians, going into the conglomerate shops, it was always just a really s**tty experience. We were met with the obvious, ‘Oh, are you buying something for your boyfriend?’ or, ‘Oh, here’s a great starter, like, Squire’.”

Nevertheless, regardless of scoring 2 U.S. top 10 albums, Este added: “Honestly, even now, going into that special store which shall not be named, we get the same thing, except we’re old enough to just give it an eye roll.”

Women in Music Pt. III is launched on 26 June.

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