Govt mulling formation of bipartisan political committee for unanimous Kashmir strategy

Sandra Loyd

— Political observers state govt attempting to ‘torpedo’ opposition’s alliance

The federal government is pondering a proposition to form a bipartisan political committee to create a unanimous strategy to observe first anniversary of India’s act of abrogation of short article 370 in outright infraction of United Nations’ (UN) resolutions on contested Indian Inhabited Kashmir (IOK) on August 5.

A knowledgeable source informed Pakistan Today that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has actually raised a proposition to take all political forces inside the parliament on board to take a strategy to observe an across the country demonstration on August 5 to lodge a strong demonstration on India’s unilateral action to annex IOK in infraction of UN resolutions.

“All major political outfits, including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), on board to develop a unanimous protest on August 5,” the source stated.

Nevertheless, political observers think it might be a political transfer to ‘torpedo’ the fast- establishing alliance in between the significant opposition celebrations. The opposition has actually revealed to assemble a Multi-Party Alliance (MPA) versus the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)- led union federal government.

The source stated that National Security Consultant Dr Moeed Yusuf would be working to form a unanimous strategy to observe August 5 demonstration strategy and Kashmir Committee Chairman Shehryar Afridi is likewise really active to send a strategy in this regard.

“The government plans to evolve a unanimous strategy to observe August 5 protest so as whole nation approach could be developed to send a strong message to India and the world,” the source stated.

The source likewise stated that the federal government thinks that India was losing its reliability fast amongst the international neighborhood due to its succeeding policies to subjugate its minorities. The source added that other than unilateral addition of the contested area of Jammu and Kashmir, Indian promulgation of Citizenship Modification Act (CAA), National Register of People (NRC), Residence Law in IOK and the open lynching of Indian minorities and Dalits have actually currently separated India in the comity of countries.

“India announced to isolate Pakistan but India stands isolated in South Asia and the world today. Its allies are fast jumping ship and one after another are leaving Indian bloc. First, it was Sri Lanka who left India to join China and Pakistani bloc and now the list has been joined in by Nepal. Even Bangladesh has started to move away from the Indian bloc. Even Iran has dumped India. Soon Afghanistan would also join the anti-India bloc,” the source stated.

The source added that India was fast being pushed away in the area and even Russia was not going to support it any longer.

“India was planning to push Pakistan into a two-front war but today India itself is faced with a two-front war. It seems India dug a ditch for Pakistan but it is about to fall itself into it,” the source concluded.

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