Gordon Murray already has a date for the presentation of the competition T.50S

Sandra Loyd

Production of the new racing model will start in 2023

Gordon Murray Automotive has announced that it will introduce the new version of the T.50 supercar for racing on February 22.

The new T. 50S will have a limited edition of 25 units and will feature a 4.0 liter V12 engine that delivers 730 hp and has a six-speed sequential gearbox that transmits power to the rear wheels with a ‘red line’ at 12,100 rpm.

The new model that succeeds the road version, presents a weight of only 890 kg, benefiting from the removal of air conditioning, the infotainment system, from one of the seats, as well as all the storage compartments.

As in the road version, also in the T.50S, the driver sits in the center, this time benefiting from a carbon fiber seat equipped with a six-point harness.

To the left of the con driver, only one passenger seat, unlike the road version that had two, allowing to accommodate a co-driver … or a very brave passenger!

In terms of aerodynamics, the new model of the Gordon Murray track features a new wing that accompanies the entire center line of the car, reminiscent of the Brabham BT52 F1 designed by Gordon Murray in 1983.

In addition, a new front lip, structural reinforcement was installed on the base of the car and new adjustable diffusers, which according to the brand allows this model to be able to generate more than 1500 kg of ‘downforce’, ie more than 170% compared to the car’s weight.

The chassis of the new T.50S has been improved in terms of suspension geometry, while the ground clearance has been reduced 40 mm, compared to the road version, and new cooling inlets for the brakes are installed. In addition, this track version of Gordon Murray Automotive is equipped with magnesium wheels.

Gordon Murray Automotive has already informed that the production of the 25 cars of the track version will start in the first quarter of 2023 and that each model will be priced at 3.1 million pounds, before tax, that is, 3.5 million euros.

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