Google stuffs a bag of money into Python

Sandra Loyd

The Python language is critical to Google Cloud, and thus to Google Cloud users, as well as extensively in other products and services of the search giant. Not surprisingly, Google now provides $ 350,000 in funding for some Python Software Foundation (PSF) projects designed to improve supply chain security in the Python ecosystem.

PSF is a non-profit organization that It was created with Phyton’s support: according to the latest surveys, this language is already more popular in Java. It is very popular with data scientists, among others, but it is still pushed into the background behind JavaScript and TypeScript in the development of mobile and web applications.

Google supports the goals of PSF in several areas, but perhaps the most important of these is to stop the spread of viruses through the Python Package Index (PyPI), the official package directory for Phyton software extensions. They also want to improve the tools and features of the Python kernel with new enhancements.

Attacks on software distribution supply chains came to the fore when presumably Russian attackers hacked SolarWindset, a developer of enterprise software. Hackers have infected an update to Orion’s infrastructure monitoring software to open a backdoor on targeted systems.

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