Golden Role Models retain women’s tag titles

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Sasha Banks and Bayley make their method to the ring on the Oct. 25, 2019 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Image:

WWE Monday Night Raw set the phase for Extreme Rules.

WWE Extreme Rules is set for this Sunday and the WWE is finishing up significant angles heading into the PPV. Monday Night Raw was focused around the story in between Dolph Ziggler challenging Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Not just them, however others like Sasha Banks and Bayley remained in popular areas on Monday’sshow Leading into Extreme Rules, there is a lot delegated prepare for after Monday’s show.

Tag team action began the in-ring work. The Viking Raiders challenged Angel Garza and Andrade to a battle to honor their good friends, the Street Earnings. Garza and Andrade did not wait on the bell to sound as they leapt their challengers right out of eviction. A fascinating wrinkle was added to this match as it was under removal guidelines, implying there might be a two-on-one scenario. This is precisely what occurred as Erik was the first guy removed, leaving Ivar to take on versus Garza and Andrade alone.

Andrade and Garza had the benefit, however it would not be long prior to a miscue cost them that strength. Garza got out of the method to permit Andrade to get struck with a big kick, after 2 times where Andrade conserved Garza from damage. Ivar pinned Andrade to establish the final match in between he and Garza to figure out a victor. When he countered Ivar in the corner to pin his shoulders to the mat, Garza discovered a method to get the win.

For the last 2 weeks Ruby Riott has actually been required to handle the IIconics by herself. When she brought out an unique tag team partner in Bianca Belair, that scenario altered on Monday.

Riott started the match versus Peyton Royce and got to an early benefit. A boot to the face from Billie Kay stopped that momentum, permitting the former tag team champions to beat her up on their side of the ring. Riott discovered a method to get to Belair and she can be found in to let loose the rage on the IIconics. Belair struck the KOD in the middle of the ring and got the win for her team.

R-Truth was set up to deal with Randy Orton however discovered himself in a fight with Akira Tozawa. Prior to they might enter it, Shayna Baszler strolled down to the ring and dispatched of Tozawa’s ninjas one by one. Tozawa saw enough and left of the ring. R-Truth likewise got the point, leaving the ring prior to Baszler put her hands on him.

Aleister Black and Friend Murphy restored their competition on Raw. These 2 have actually had numerous compelling battles in the past and this match was no various. Murphy assaulted Black’s legs to keep him grounded. That method worked for a while, however Murphy was not able to keep him off his feet for long. Black discovered a method to eliminate through the discomfort to protect the triumph, continuing his supremacy over Murphy.

This led straight into the match in between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Owens caught Rollins who was sidetracked by the truth that he was surrounded in the ring by Owens, Black and Rey Mysterio who joined themoutside Even with the chances versus him, Rollins discovered a method to take control of, harmful Owens leg and requiring him into the barrier outside the ring. Owens was on the getting end of an extended pounding prior to recuperating with a super kick and DDT, however still might not get the pin fall. The numbers would play versus Rollins as he would discover himself sidetracked by everybody on theoutside This unlocked for Owens to strike the stunner and get the win.

Orton continued his work riding the WWE of legends. His match with Truth was unpleasant and really fast. Truth got in some fast offense however consumed and RKO then the pin 1-2-3.

Bobby Lashley sends Ricochet

Ricochet and Bobby Lashley took on for the second time in 2 weeks. This time it was a songs match as recently they fought in a tag team format. Ricochet attempted to utilize his speed early, however his offense did not stage Lashley one bit. Ricochet would get a little offense going on his side however discovered himself bouncing right into Lashley’s full nelson lock.

The women’s tag team titles were on the line in the main event as the Kabuki Warriors challenged Sasha Banks and Bayley. Bayley and Banks would not permit the ring commentator to make it through his intros, assaulting the oppositions prior to the bell sounded. Bayley and Banks got the benefit early in the match, however Asuka turned the tables, tagging in Kairi Sane. Sane and Asuka created some offense on the tag team champions, however that tide turned as soon as Banks returned to deceptive techniques on the oppositions.

Asuka would lastly return into this match, going on a one-woman rampage versus the tag team champs. The action got rate and there was a minute where it looked like brand-new tag team champs were to be crowed when Sane struck her elbow off the top. Sane chose a moving clothesline on Banks, however she had the ability to reverse it into the Banks Declaration for the win, keeping their titles.

Titles are on the line on Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV. Sasha Banks and Bayley push to run the women’s division throughout all of WWE while Dolph Ziggler desires Drew McIntyre’s WWE title. Apollo Crews is set to safeguard his United States title versus MVP, plus muchmore Monday Night Raw liquidated the week with a strong show heading into this month’s PPV display.

July 13 Monday Night Raw results

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