Global health good news: AstraZeneca benefits more than risks


After the controversy that affected the AstraZeneca vaccine after several countries suspended its use due to fears related to causing blood clots, the World Health Organization confirmed in good news to the world that the benefits of the AstraZeneca anti-corona virus vaccine, which the University of Oxford is developing, is more than its risks.

And she said that the data indicate that there has been no increase in blood clotting incidents after the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to what her experts concluded Friday, after they reviewed the safety data related to the possibility of causing blood clots.

The World Health Organization’s Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety also stated that the features of the AstraZeneca vaccine “are still positive in terms of its benefits Against its risks, with a tremendous potential (has) to spare injuries and reduce deaths worldwide. ”

12 countries resume administration of AstraZeneca

Meanwhile, almost 12 countries resumed vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine today, Friday, after two regulatory bodies from the European Union and Britain said that its benefits outweigh any risks, following reports of rare cases of stroke, which led to a temporary suspension of the use of the vaccine.

Ending the suspension of use is a test of public confidence, whether in vaccination or in drug regulatory agencies, at a time when mutated copies of the Corona virus are spreading and the number of deaths is rising worldwide, which now stands at nearly 2.7 million.

Rare clots

Indonesia joined Germany, France and other countries, resuming vaccination with the vaccine after they stopped it after reports of about 30 cases of rare strokes in the brain, After millions of doses were given, which prompted experts and governments to try to decide whether or not the vaccine is related to the matter.

The European Medicines Agency concluded that the benefits of the vaccine in protecting people from death in Corona or the need to enter hospital outweigh

However, the European Union’s Medicines Control Authority said that the link between blood clots in the brain and the vaccine cannot be definitively ruled out and that it will continue the investigation and review process together with the British agency To regulate medicines and health care products.

European Medicines Agency Director Imer Cook said in a press release on Thursday, It is safe and effective … if I could receive it tomorrow. ”

Ease of storing

The authority said it will include an update on its guidelines regarding The vaccine is to include an explanation to patients about potential risks and information for healthcare professionals with the aim of helping people identify situations in which they may need to seek medical help after vaccination.

Following the EMA’s move, others also sought to bolster confidence in The AstraZeneca vaccine, which is viewed with appreciation due to its relatively easy storage and transportation on the one hand, and the lack of high price on the other hand, compared to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Germany also resumed administering the vaccine as of Friday morning, and the Supreme Health Authority agreed France has officially decided to return to its use, saying, “In light of the data provided by the European Medicines Agency, the authority believes that it is possible to resume vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine immediately.”

In Italy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that his country would proceed. On the same path. Cyprus, Latvia and Lithuania took similar positions. Spain will resume vaccination from Wednesday, and Canada has shown support for the vaccine.

No evidence

The British Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory is investigating In five cases of rare stroke, it was reported out of 11 million doses administered in the United Kingdom.

She said she would investigate reports of clots in brain veins with a decrease in platelet counts after A short time after receiving the vaccination. But the authority said that the vaccine should continue to be used, and one official said that Britain would probably not stop using the vaccine even if the link was confirmed.

The review conducted by the manufacturer and included more than 17 million people who received the vaccine did not reach In the European Union and Britain, for any evidence of an increased risk of stroke.

Pandemic deaths and injuries

This Corona virus caused the death of 2,692,313 people. In the world since the WHO office in China reported the outbreak of the disease at the end of December 2019, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse based on official sources Friday at 11:00 GMT

, and more than 121,747,630 people have contracted the virus since its appearance. The vast majority of those infected recovered, although some continued to have symptoms after weeks or even months.

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