GDC 2021 consists of various digital events

Adrian Ovalle
Game Developers Conference 2021 consists of various digital events. The organization will let you know in a message on the website.

“As GDC celebrates its 35th anniversary, instead of putting everything in a week, we are hosting a series of online GDC events with curated, high-quality content that is more flexible and accessible,” says manager Katie Stern. “We are also designing events that harness the power of virtual conferences, including easier networking options.”

Several events are scheduled through July. schedule. For example, the GDC Masterclass will take place on 4 and 5 March, where big names from the game industry give workshops. The GDC Showcase will take place between 15 and 19 March, with lectures, Q & As, interactive panels and podcasts.

The regular GDC 2021 will take place between 19 and 23 July. This year’s event focuses on community growth education, networking and a celebration of what GDC stands for. Also return is the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards, the annual awards for games.

Finally, the organization says in the second half of the year organize more GDC-branded events.

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