Frank Turner looks to help local venues at risk during coronavirus pandemic

Derrick Santistevan

Frank Turner is contacting artists to raise money for local venues at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘Attempt This In your home’ vocalist introduced his Independent Location Love project on Thursday (260320) with a Facebook Live gig playing his 2007 debut album ‘Sleep Is For The Week’ in full as a fundraising event for London’s Nambucca – which holds an unique location in his heart from his developmental years as a songwriter – and he desires more artists to got the word out.

Speaking solely to BANG Showbiz, he stated: “I’m actually crazy about the concept of other artists participating in with this and doing it with their fanbase and their local location and it does not have to simply be me carrying this whole thing.

” It ‘d be actually cool if it expanded. There’s a lot of people got in touch today – I’m actually hoping to get some larger names included in it! We’ll see how it goes?”

Frank – who has actually been in touch with the UK’s Music Location Trust to talk about prepare for taking the concept even more – hinted he might do more than one show a week himself as he prepares to play through his back brochure of full rarities and albums collections, although he does not desire to stretch his fanbase too far.

The 38- year-old troubadour has actually been singing about supporting anonymous artists and independent venues throughout his profession, and he feels it’s more essential than ever with the outlook looking bleak.

He added: “I do feel like people, in basic, are being respectable about whatever today … There are winners from this in the music market.

“The streaming services are making money hand over fist right now because everyone’s at home streaming music. There are initiatives afoot to try and spread some of that wealth around.”

Frank – who prompted fans to assistance artists by purchasing physical music and product where possible – likewise reviewed the distinction in between his normal common live shows both solo and with the Sleeping Souls, compared to carrying out for the web with simply his partner Jess and their feline pal Boudicat for a live audience.

He confessed: “The great thing about a live show that it’s an interaction between a performer and an audience. There’s an exchange of energy that makes every performance and every show memorable. It is weird sitting in your front room trying to recreate that.”

Nevertheless, he’s confident the live music scene will get an increase once people throughout the UK are permitted outside for more than requirements once again.

He stated: “I would suspect that as and when people are allowed out again there will be an upsurge in people wanting to go to gigs because everybody’s starting to realise how valuable that is.”

Frank Turner will play ‘Love Ire & & Song’ in full today in the second part of his Independent Location Trust show series.

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