For personal reasons, the Penguins general manager is resigning

Derrick Santistevan
Džims Raterfords,
Jim Raterford | Photo: NHL

Jim Raterford has resigned as General Manager of the Pittsburgh “Penguins” unit of the National Hockey League (NHL) for personal reasons, the league reports.

The team represented by Latvian hockey player Teodors Blugers pointed out that Raterford’s place is currently occupied by his former assistant Patrick Elvin, but in the coming days the team look for a new general manager.

Raterford joined the “penguins” In the 2014/15 season and the next two seasons, he helped the Pittsburgh Club win the Stanley Cup. “It has been a great honor to be the general manager of the Penguins and also to fly the flag of the champions twice on the ceiling,” Raterford said in his farewell address. “I know that such decisions are not a common practice during the season, but I felt it was time to step down.”

After this season, the contract with “Penguins” will be concluded for Bluger, which means that the Latvian hockey player will negotiate a new contract with the new general manager. The Penguins have won nine points in seven games in the Eastern Division this season and are in fourth place.

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