Fight 2 Win Pro 139 & & 140 live results and highlights

Derrick Santistevan

AJ Agazarm (image by Amy Kaplan/FanSided)

Here are all your Fight 2 Win Pro 139 and 140 live results and highlights from Dallas, TX.

The popular grappling event, Fight 2 Win Pro returns this weekend with 2 back-to-back occasions from Dallas, TX. The promos has actually been hiatus due to the coronavirus and now that numerous cities in the United States are opening back up, the promo has actually accompanied Submission Underground and UFC and will be holding occasions when again.

Fight 2 Win Pro 139 on Friday is up first with Fight 2 Win Pro 140, headlined by Bellator Mixed Martial Arts fighter, AJ Agazarm, liquidates the weekend.

The event can be viewed on FloGrappling solely as the event is closed to the public.

Here are all the live results and highlights as they occur.

Fight 2 Win Pro 139 (Friday)

Vinicius Ferreira (Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu) vs. Roberto Cyborg Abreu (Fight Sports)


Johnny Tama (Studio 76) vs. Ethan Crelinsten (Renzo Gracie)


Kevin Williams (American Elite) vs. Vinicius Carvalho Garcia


Eddie Avelar (Ground Dwellers) vs. Viktor Doria (Fight Sports)


Igor Paiva (Soul Fighters) vs. Jeff Hammond (Caique Jiu-Jitsu)


Yuri Santos (Bastos BJJ) vs. Andre Gomes (Gracie Gym)


Cameron Sofa (Mohler) vs. Paulo Azambuja (Fight Sports)


Kevin McCormick (Marcelo Garcia) vs. Joshua HighTower (PinMan Grappling)


Kyle Short (Flux Mixed Martial Arts) vs. Aaron Culpepper (Mohler)


Colby Capps (Guard Church) vs. Dillon Hinojosa (Genesis Jiu-Jitsu)

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Dillon Hinojosa beat Colby Capps by means of heel hook

Alex Lopez (Bastos BJJ) vs. Grayson Henley (Brasa)

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Grayson Henley beat Alex Lopez by means of armbar

Dylan Martinez (Flux Mixed Martial Arts) vs. Alexander Leon (Mohler Mixed Martial Arts)

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Dylan Martinez beat Alexander Leon by means of judges decision

Fight 2 Win Pro 140

AJ Agazarm vs. Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

Vinicius Ferreira (Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu) vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu (Fight Sports)

Johnny Tama (Studio 76) vs Ethan Crelinsten (Renzo Gracie)

Kevin Williams (American Elite) vs Vinicius Carvalho Garcia

Eddie Avelar (Ground Dwellers) vs Viktor Doria (Fight Sports)

Igor Paiva (Soul Fighters) vs Jeff Hammond (Caique Jiu-Jitsu)

Yuri Santos (Bastos BJJ) vs Andre Gomes (Gracie Gym)

Cameron Sofa (Mohler) vs Paulo Azambuja (Fight Sports)

Kevin McCormick (Marcelo Garcia) vs Joshua HighTower (PinMan Grappling)

Kyle Short (Flux Mixed Martial Arts) vs Aaron Culpepper (Mohler)

Colby Capps (Guard Church) vs Dillon Hinojosa (Genesis Jiu-Jitsu)

Alex Lopez (Bastos BJJ) vs Grayson Henley (Brasa)

Dylan Martinez (Flux Mixed Martial Arts) vs Alexander Leon (Mohler Mixed Martial Arts)

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