FIA to probe Dr Zafar Mirza over alleged involvement in masks smuggling

Sandra Loyd

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Examination Firm (FIA) has actually released a probe into the alleged involvement of Dr Zafar Mirza in smuggling of 20 million face masks abroad.

According to a notice provided by the company, FIA’s director of Islamabad Zone has actually been directed to instantly examine the claims and send a report within 15 days and take instant action.

According to the plaintiff, 20 million masks were smuggled out of Pakistan supposedly by Unique Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza in collusion with an assistant of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) Deputy Director Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

The grievance was sent by Young Pharmacists’ Association’s Secretary General Dr Furqan Ibrahim with the Prime Minister’s Grievance Cell.

It is very important to note that as coronavirus cases emerged in the nation, the rise in need for breathing masks led to their lack in themarket There are just a few stores which are offering breathing masks at the minute which too at really high rates. N-95 masks, the breathing masks suggested by health specialists are not offered in the nation.

On The Other Hand, People are likewise taking preventive procedures to combat the epidemic, and masks are a really reliable tool to avoid the infection. According to medical shopkeeper, just one mask is being offered to a single person due to their lack however the federal government has actually stated that there is no need to panic and the supply of breathing masks is under control.

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