Factorio gets 'big expansion'

Adrian Ovalle
Factorio gets a big expansion. Developer Wube Software says this in a blog post.

In the post, the developer cites several options for the future of the management game. According to Wube, the game is too ‘niche’ to get ‘forever free updates’ and a full sequel to the game is ‘the opposite’ of what the developer wants to do.

Since the developer is also not a fan of several small dlc extensions, it promises to develop one big extension. Details and a release date are not yet known, but development is expected to take longer than a year.

Finally, Wube Software also shares some game, now that the game has been out of early access for a few months. For example, 2.5 million copies were sold, 799,000 YouTube videos about Factorio were made and the game was played on Steam for a total of 87,800 years.

Factorio is now available on Steam.

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