Extra police deployed across London as more illegal raves take place

Derrick Santistevan

Extra police officers are being deployed across London tonight as more illegal raves, music occasions and obstruct celebrations take place, the Metropolitan Police has actually stated.

It follows more than 20 officers were hurt and police automobiles smashed up throughout “significant disorder” following an illegal street party in Brixton on Wednesday night.

As a result, there are extra officers in place over night to ensure there is an efficient action to any reports of condition.

22 officers harmed throughout illegal street party

Police stated they will continue to engage with neighborhoods and react to emergency situation calls as typical, however “will not tolerate the violence we have recently seen in London”.

Leader Bas Javid, representative stated: “We stay in a public health crisis and these unlicensed occasions are illegal.

” Our role is to keep our neighborhoods safe and this night people can anticipate to see an increased police existence out in locations where we understand these occasions are taking place.

“This is in direct response to concerns expressed by our communities, many of whom were scared and shocked by the events taking place outside their homes.”

Mr Javid stated that the extra officers have actually been geared up with improved individual protective equipment and might have teams from the Pet Assistance System with them.

He added: “We cannot accept the levels of violence that were directed towards our officers last night, and the damage caused to public and private property”.

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