Every UFC interim title fight ranked from worst to best

Derrick Santistevan

Here is every UFC interim title fight ranked from the worst to really best.

The variety of interim title battles in the UFC has actually increased considerably over the past years of the promo’s presence. Precisely how numerous are there? Well, there have actually been 21 to date and there is ensured to be more in the future.

The amusing aspect of interim title battles is that they aren’t a requirement and are truly simply placeholder bouts offseted the enjoyable of things. And as bad of a reputation as they have actually made for many years, they have not all been total stinkers.

Oh, there have actually been some bad ones, do not get it twisted. The positives are much, much greater than the negatives.

21 Jon Jones vs. Ovince Saint Preux– UFC 197

Yes, it might be simple to forget that Jon Jones in fact occurred to discover himself contending in an interim title fight at one point. And it was all by means of the result of the snowball impact he developed afterhis hit and run incident in April 2015 An event that saw him removed of his undeniable title.

Upon his return, Daniel Cormier was now the champ after beating Anthony “Rumble” Johnson for the uninhabited title at UFC187 It was expected to be Jones in location of Cormier prior to whatever deciphered for the JacksonWink Mixed Martial Arts staple.

UFC 197 was set to be the big competition rematch pitting Jones and Cormier versus each other as soon as again. Cormier would suffer a foot injury that required him from the bout leading to Ovince Saint Preux coming in to conserve the day. Developing an interim crown in the procedure.

Regardless Of being a win for Jones and having actually seen him in much more competitive battles considering that this one, it stays an efficiency that numerous might still think about among hisworst Or possibly, his least outstanding.

Saint Preux had little to provide the former champ throughout 5 rounds as Jones delicately chose him apart gradually and systematically. The most remarkable and eventful minutes being Jones’ big takedowns over the now heavyweight Tennessean.

Jones would declare the interim title by consentaneous decision winning all 5 rounds and breaking Saint Preux’s arm in round 2 with an obstructed head kick. That was about all that was notable from this one.

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