EU Parliament hits back at Czech PM in fund misuse row

Sallie Anderson

European Parliament president David Sassoli on Tuesday declined claims by the Czech prime minister Andrej Babis that the organization interferes in Czech internalaffairs

In a letter sent to Babis, Sassoli stated the parliament has the right, based upon the EU treaty,”to give or deny the discharge to the European Commission on the implementation of the EU budget”


That ‘yearly discharge’ treatment enables the parliament, and the member states, to hold the EU Commission politically liable for the execution of the EU budget.

The letter follows billionaire-politician Babis just recently implicated the parliament of political disturbance.

Babis is thought of a clash of interest as the owner of the Agrofert food, chemicals and media- holding that gotten EU aids.

Babis, who rejects misbehavior, moved Agrofert to a trust fund in 2017 however information shows he still takes make money from the group.

MEPs embraced a resolution on 19 June contacting the commission to”thoroughly supervise the payment-allocation process in the Czech Republic, especially EU Fund payments being made to companies directly and indirectly owned by the prime minister or any other member of the government involved in budget implementation”


The resolution likewise mentioned that the parliament “deplores that the Czech prime minister continues to be actively involved in implementing the EU budget while still allegedly controlling ” Agrofert'”.

Babis answered back by stating MEPs “incited steps concerning specific criminal proceedings on Czech territory without specific knowledge or evidence”, AFP reported.

“I think this can be perceived as proof of political and media pressure on the Czech judiciary and interference in internal affairs,” Babis continued.

Sassoli on Tuesday reacted by stating the resolution becomes part of the procedure of parliament exercising its financial control and democratic oversight, “that should be regarded by all EU actors with the utmost respect.”

Sassoli likewise revealed “great concern for the personal attacks directed” at MEPs in the budget control committee who took a trip to the Czech Republic to penetrate the circulation of EU aids.

Sassoli called the death dangers gotten by among the MEPs on the journey “unacceptable provocations”.

Tomas Zdechovsky, a Czech centre-right MEP who detailed to press reporters just recently the gruesome deaths dangers he and his family had actually been sent out – after which they all got authorities defense.

Numerous other MEPs on the journey were likewise targeted. MEPs criticised Babis for hate speech targeting the delegation he declined to satisfy in February.

Babis identified budget control committee chair Monika Hohlmeier as “deranged” and called the 2 Czech MEPs on the objective “informers and traitors”.

Babis in the meantime is likewise dealing with authorities charges, over another concern including EU aid scams, connected to a farm which he had actually apparently secured of Agrofert to make it qualified for EU funds.

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