EU launches funding drive for Covid-19 vaccine

Sallie Anderson

The European Commission launches on Monday (4 May) the coronavirus global response framework to raise EUR7.5 bn to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

This joint action remains in action to the World Health Organization (WHO) call to accelerate the advancement of vaccines, treatment and screening capability, making sure that is similarly “available to everyone and at affordable prices”.

The effort was proposed to the G20 group of world leaders by the president of the commission Ursula von der Leyen last month.

“We need to develop a vaccine, to produce it and deploy it to every corner of the world,” von der Leyen stated ahead of the statement.

This effort will happen in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, which holds the existing presidency of the G20, the United States, France, Germany, Norway and the UK – although Italy has actually likewise been welcomed to sign up with thelist


According to EU authorities, these countries were picked due to their track-record connected to research study and funding efforts.

‘ Program of hope’

“This is an agenda of hope and the commission is deploying its full power to unite countries to find a vaccine and diagnosis treatment as quick as possible,” EU authorities stated.

The commission is taking a three-pronged method: EUR4bn to research study vaccines, EUR2bn for treatments and EUR1.5 bn to establish screening packages.

These collaborations intend to unite researchers, regulators, funders, international organisations and product-developers to scale up international efforts towards “one single narrative and one single goal”.

“The money will not go to the European Commission. We are taking the initiative, creating a platform, registering donations, but everything will go directly to the partners”, EU sources defined.

“We will accept direct and indirect donations, which can be used for parallel programs like Horizon 2020, as long as they are on our agenda,” they added.

The WHO, G20, Africa Union, Word Bank and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation will supervise of the oversight of these collaborations and holding them responsible.

In the next phase, the commission intends to gather extra resources to enhance the healthcare systems internationally.

“We would hope that the work in these areas will also help us to identify what are the additional needs, to bring this to the attention of the world and mobilise the extra resources needed,” EU sources stated.

Competing preliminary domestic actions

Furthermore, this joint call for action intends to prevent fragmented or national efforts that might posture a threat for the most susceptible economies throughout the world.

Because the start of the coronavirus break out, lots of countries have actually had a national-focussed preliminary domestic action.

In the EU, the break out triggered stress in between member states, for circumstances, when some countries at first chose to enforce export restrictions on medical materials.

“Now there is a fertile ground and everyone wants to work together, but there are difficult questions,” EU authorities stated, describing the threat of having competing ‘health nationalisms’.

On the other hand, the head of the United States National Academy of Medication, Victor Dzau, devoted to assisting raise funds for von der Leyen’s effort – distancing himself from United States president Donald Trump’s current mindset of cutting funding to theWHO


“The initiative is to help all countries – including low-income countries – because the big focus is not only how you accelerate the development of vaccines, treatment and diagnostics but how do you have equitable distribution and access?,” he told the Financial Times.

This effort, arranged to last 2 years, might be extended up until results are eventually acquired.

International partners consist of the Expense and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Union for Epidemic Readiness (CEPI), the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the World Bank.

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