EU facing three more years of Kaczyński-ism

Sallie Anderson

Poland is heading for a minimum of three more years of full control by the progressively un-European Law and Justice (PiS) party after governmental elections on Sunday (28 June).

That is the most likely result after the nationalist-populist incumbent, PiS-loyalist Andrzej Duda, won with 43 percent of the vote, compared to his closest competitor, centre-right prospect Rafał Trzaskowski, who got 30percent


  • Rafał Trzaskowski (r), Sunday’s runner- up, not likely to win second round (Image:

Both interested the 9 other prospects, who likewise ran, to back them rather in a run- off vote on 12 July.

And with turnout at a sky-high 64 percent, Polish society was taken by the political fight.

However with Duda commanding a more than 10- point lead, along with continuous assistance by state media, couple of believe Trzaskowski can capture him in simply 2 weeks.

That would imply 5 more years of a PiS presidency and, a minimum of, three more years of PiS federal government, up until the next parliamentary election in 2023.

It would imply “a strong, safe Poland, a dignified Poland, whose interests are represented”, on the world phase, Duda stated on Sunday.

It would represent “respect for the Polish family” which “should take first place in politics”, headded


And it would be great news for Polish farmers, Duda stated, whom he applauded for their”attachment to traditional values and to the fatherland in the truest sense of the word”


His referral to a “strong Poland” followed he got a bump from the populist United States president Donald Trump, who welcomed Duda to the White House recently.

And his talk of “traditional values” followed a noticeably homophobic campaign, in which Duda compared LGBTI “ideology” to “communism”, to name a few slurs.

When he discussed Trzaskowski,

The crowd at his triumph rally likewise shouted the nationalist motto “This is Poland!”.

However for his part, the runner- up, from the opposition Civic Platform party, stated Sunday’s result revealed that 57 percent of the nation “wants change”.

He interested Polish women, specifically, to back him in the run- off.

He stated Poland required an opposition president “who kept a close watch on the hands of power [government]”.

“This campaign is not about left and right, conservatism or liberalism, it’s about democracy and the democratic respect for the rights of minorities,” Trzaskowski stated.

Duda was no more than “Kaczyński’s notary, his pen [for signing laws]”, a Trzaskowski assistant added, describing the effective PiS party chairman, Jarosław Kaczyński.

“We’ve had enough!”, people shouted at the opposition rally.

Poland has, over the past couple of years, currently set off 4 claims and an unmatched sanctions treatment by the European Commission.

It is most likely to see its future EU funds cut in penalty for PiS abuses of European standards.

And Kaczyński’s guideline has actually even triggered talk that Poland might, one day, like the UK did, crash out of the EU due to his taking apart of independent courts and neglect for primacy of EU law.

It was “really sad” when political leaders “target minorities for potential political gains”, EU worths commissioner Věra Jourová likewise stated ahead of Sunday.

Corona vote

On the other hand, Kaczyński’s guy may currently have won if the election had actually been held, as PiS had actually prepared, in early May, in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown.

Duda was riding high since he was on TELEVISION all the time speaking about the crisis, while his challengers might notcampaign


When a small union partner rebelled on public health premises,

However the PiS stunt stopped working.

Sunday’s election was the EU’s first given that the pandemic and Poland’s first “hybrid” vote, utilizing a mix of postal and physicalballots


People needed to keep 2 metres apart at ballot stations.

They were asked to use masks, however to decrease them on arrival for ID functions, to decontaminate their hands, and to bring their own pens.

In one ballot station, in the town of Kalisz, an official started spraying people’s entire bodies with disinfectant prior to her superiors stopped her, in a sign of thetimes


However crowds socialized easily at Duda and Trzaskowski’s post- election celebrations on Sunday night.

There were likewise spread events of people ripping down challengers’ posters on the day in some villages.

The 3rd runner- up, with 14 percent of the vote, was Szymon Hołownia, a self-styled “progressive [Roman] Catholic”, who made his name on a reality TELEVISIONshow


Robert Biedroń, a gay prospect, came 6th, with simply 2 percent, doing less well than anticipated.

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