EU Commission will not accept us in antisemitism group

Sallie Anderson

The directorate established the “Working Group on the implementation of the council declaration on the fight against antisemitism” in December 2018 at the request of the big Jewish common groups in Europe and the Israeli federal government.

  • ‘ We campaign for the achievement of Palestinian rights by ending the Israeli profession, and to secure the space for dispute about the concern in the European Union by comparing robust criticism of Israel and antisemitism’ (Image: Wikipedia).

The membership consists of one agent of the Jewish neighborhood and 2 agents of the appropriate ministries in each member state, appropriate international organisations and Jewish umbrella organisations.

European Jews for a Just Peace, as the federation of 12 national Jewish-Palestinian support system in 10 countries, is a Jewish umbrella organisation.

Not just are we received membership, however our viewpoint makes us required for the appropriate performance of the OperatingGroup


We campaign for the achievement of Palestinian rights by ending the Israeli profession, and to secure the space for dispute about the concern in the European Union by comparing robust criticism of Israel andantisemitism


To put it simply, we are worried both with allowing criticism of Israel and combatingantisemitism


In the course of our application, the commission’s factor for refusing us altered unexpectedly.

The official responding to our preliminary application, undoubtedly believing we were just a group in Germany, stated we weren’t a “Jewish umbrella organisation”.

When we clarified that we were a Jewish umbrella organisation of 12 groups in 10 countries, the membership credentials unexpectedly ended up being”major Jewish umbrella organisations”


Due to the fact that it just desires the Jewish organisations that support Israeli policy in the Operating Group,

The commission undoubtedly declined us.

As A Result, it is rejecting a voice to the considerable body of viewpoint within Jewish neighborhoods that we represent. It is likewise accidentally prejudicing the Working Group towards suppression of criticism of Israel.

IHRA meaning

The concern can not be totally comprehended without thinking about the usage being made from theInternational Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism


The official Jewish common organisations in Europe and The United States and Canada, supported by the Israeli federal government, have actually been promoting the file as the unchallengeable meaning of antisemitism since it was embraced by the IHRA in2016


The factor is not hard to determine. Israel is pointed out 6 times, making it clear that the inspiration behind it is at least as much to reduce criticism of Israel regarding reduceantisemitism


The background to the adoption of the file and the later development of the Operating Group was the increasing occurrence of antisemitism and increasing criticism of Israel over numerous years.

Both have actually been mostly reactions to the continuing profession and Israeli suppression of Palestinian resistance.

The commission wished to reduce antisemitism concealing behind criticism of Israel, however the Jewish common groups and the Israeli federal government wished to reduce criticism of Israel by declaring that much of it was concealed antisemitism, i.e. the so-called”new antisemitism”


The picked methods of reducing criticism of Israel is the IHRA file, utilized as a presumptive test of whether declarations are antisemitic.

Criticism of Israel, questioning of Zionism and advocacy of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) are immediately called antisemitic if they fall under among the broadly-worded examples.

Little regard is paid to the context of declarations.

The promoters have actually had a minimal success. Far, 17 EU member states and some political celebrations have actually embraced or backed the file, and some local federal governments and universities have actually prohibited Palestinian assistance conferences based on their analysis of the file.

Nevertheless, there has actually been an installing pushback by human rights groups and Palestinian support system.

From 2015 to 2019, there were 13 court judgments which reversed prohibiting choices in EU member states, The United States and Canada, and othercountries 7 of them were in2019


There were likewise 70 circumstances in which regional authorities and some national federal governments enacted laws or provided declarations to secure flexibility of speech on Israel.

As an example of the abuse of the file, our German member group, Jewish Voice for Simply Peace in the Near East, was assaulted two times given that 2016 due to the fact that it supported BDS projects.

Its bank account was closed and an effort was made to force the Gottingen Peace Reward Foundation to rescind the 2019 reward granted to thegroup


The ‘thinking’ of the enemies was that BDS is antisemitic due to the fact that it concerns Israel’s right to exist.

That declare rests on the twisted reasoning that BDS can be seen to fall within the IHRA example of “Using double requirements by needing of it [Israel] a behaviour not anticipated or required of any other democratic country”.

In truth, BDS needs the very same behaviour of Israel, i.e. to end the racist treatment of its own Palestinian residents and regard international law by ending the profession of Palestinian land.

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