EU Commission ready to play bigger role in health sector

Sallie Anderson

The public health crisis triggered by the coronavirus in member states has actually pressed the European Commission to play a more active role in the field ofhealth

The European Commission gotten on Friday (12 Friday) a political required from member states to utilize EUR2.4 bn from the EU budget to sign agreements with pharmaceutical business dealing with possible vaccines.

The EU commissioner for health Stella Kyriakydes stated that there was “overwhelming” assistance from EU countries for the commission’s “vaccine strategy” – due exist on Wednesday (17 June).

EU health ministers required the full openness and participation of member states, worrying that they ought to be similarly represented at all phases of the procedure.

Independently, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands had actually currently collaborated and they are engaging pharmaceutical business to purchase vaccines – a relocation that might possibly damage the EU’s efforts.

Nevertheless, according to Kyriakydes, “these two paths should converge for the benefit of all 27”.

“This is not a question of being in competition, but of working together,” she added.

“Developing a safe and effective vaccine is the best way of combating this pandemic and there is a high-level of readiness to cooperate to get the vaccine for Covid-19 as soon as possible,” stated Croatian health minister Vili Beroš, who chaired the conference on Friday.

The “vaccine strategy” belongs to the recently-proposed EUR9.4 bn stand-alone program EU4Health, which was likewise talked about by EU health ministers.

The program goals to enhance health systems and scale up the EU’s medical resources by the production of stockpiles, guaranteeing that member states are much better gotten ready for future health crises.

“EU4Health is a game-changer that will allow us to tackle the many challenges that have become very clear in the recent months,” Kyriakydes informed EU health ministers.

Nevertheless, some EU countries, such as the Czech Republic, voiced issue that the EU4Health”would not respect the exclusive competence of member states in organising their healthcare systems”


The EU’s health top official clarified that this program would just match national strategies as it is developed in the treaties.

Covid-19 ‘not over’

On The Other Hand, EU commissioner Kyriakides cautioned that Covid-19 is not over yet, prompting the federal government to maintain their efforts to include the infection by screening and tracing the population as much as possible.

“This is not behind us yet. We need to be vigilant,” Kyriakides stated throughout a videoconference with health ministers.

While the rate of infection appears to be reducing throughout the bloc, the current danger evaluation from the European Centre for Illness Avoidance and Control (ECDC) suggests that some member states are still reporting neighborhood transmission.

The most recent ECDC danger evaluation released last Thursday suggests that the preliminary wave of transmission has actually passed its peak in all EU countries, apart from Poland and Sweden.

The ECDC likewise cautioned that relieving constraints, right before the summer season vacation duration, might make people forget social distancing and health guidelines – setting off a brand-new rise in coronavirus cases and, ultimately, restoring lockdowns into the bloc.

“The pandemic is not over, and hypothetical forecasting indicates a rise in cases is likely in the coming weeks,” checks out the ECDC danger evaluation.

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