Eminent women appeal for EU help on Palestine

Sallie Anderson

Israel’s West Bank addition “was conceived almost entirely by men” and would squash the “dignity and rights” of Palestinian women still even more, a group of 40 popular women have actually stated.

The relocation “would unravel half a century of efforts for peace in the region” and postured “an existential threat to Palestinians, to Israelis, to regional stability, and to an already fragile global order,” Wednesday’s (1 July) open letter stated.

  • Palestinian Bedouin women at home in South Hebron Hills (Picture: Rosie Gabrielle).

Addition “will fragment Palestinian land and effectively consecrate Palestinian enclaves under permanent Israeli military control,” itadded


The appeal came out on the 20 th anniversary of a UN resolution on the significance of including women in conflict-resolution.

” Their [Palestinian and Israeli women’s] strong appeals [for peace], while unique and different, share a sense of shared mankind, and a typical rejection of subjugation and injustice, violence and discrimination,” Wednesday’s letter kept in mind.

However it likewise came out on the day Israel had actually promised to start its addition procedure.

5 Nobel peace reward laureates, consisting of Iranian human rights legal representative Shirin Ebadi and Northern Irish activist Mairead Maguire, signed the text.

5 former European leaders, consisting of Tarja Halonen and Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, from Finland and Iceland, signed.

Nathalie Loiseau, a senior French MEP, 2 former EU commissioners (Austria’s Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Sweden’s Margot Wallström), along with UN authorities and other activists added their names.

“We’re gratified that international women leaders took up the call … to reach out and take a stand on the issue of annexation and Israel’s impunity and the need for peace with justice,” Hanan Ashrawi, a senior Palestinian diplomat, informed EUobserver the exact same day.

Palestinian women in Israeli-occupied lands had incredible joblessness rates and had a hard time to take care of big households in hardship, according to EU reports.

The circumstance was severe in Gaza, a recent study by the United Nations Relief and Functions Firm for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), likewise stated.

Women “prepare less and cheaper food, borrow money, sell assets … many cook with collected firewood, wake in the night to do housework while power is on, and forego medical costs,” it stated.

“They try … to maintain their dignity and that of their children and their family,” the research study kept in mind.

“Women [here] are continuously accomplishing wonderful things, particularly under pressure,” Tamara Al-Rifai, an UNWRA spokesperson in Gaza, likewise informed thiswebsite


However, at the exact same time, they sustained increasing domestic violence, connected to out of work men and connected, straight, to the injury brought on by perpetual dispute.

” Throughout the 2014 hostilities [between Israel and Gaza] there was a reported 22-percent rise in domestic violence experienced by married women, and a 30-percent boost for non-married women,” the UNWRA research study stated.

Palestinian ladies and young women carried out well in education, the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank and UNWRA kept in mind, in a mark of their unused capacity.

And even if old Arabic mores likewise held them back, they played a popular role in PA diplomacy, with women Palestinian ambassadors in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and Sweden, to name a few leading posts.

Hanan Ashrawi (l) at an International Monetary Fund event (Picture: imf.org).

Addition strategy

On the other hand, Israeli leaders, who had earlier accepted start annexing one 3rd of the West Bank from 1 July, appeared in no rush to continue on Wednesday, amidst departments in the judgment union on how to continue.

The United States, Israel’s superpower customer, remained in no rush either.

The addition concept was not always “the answer” to the dispute, however more of “a starting point for negotiations” and an effort “to start a conversation” on a peace offer, Ronald Gidwitz, the United States ambassador to the EU, informed EUobserver in Brussels recently.

For his part, EU foreign relations primary Josep Borrell echoed the women’s employ an op-ed in Israeli paper the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

“It is painful to see the prospect of the two-state solution, the only realistic and sustainable way to end this conflict, at risk,” he stated.

However when asked if EU organizations were preparing prospective sanctions to prevent addition, Borrell’s office informed EUobserver on Wednesday that they were focusing on diplomatic outreach rather.

France was more hawkish.

“An annexation decision could not be left without consequences and we are examining different options at a national level and also in coordination with our main European partners,” French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian informed the French parliament on Wednesday.

Israeli inhabitant at home in Hebron, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank (Picture: Rosie Gabrielle).

EU choices

Le Drian likewise suggested what the choices remained in a recent speech in the French senate.

Addition would jeopardise a 20- years of age EU association arrangement on Israeli trade and diplomatic advantages, he stated on 24 June.

It might see Israel expelled from EU jobs in Europe’s 2021-2027 budget and more powerful controls on imports from Israeli-occupied areas, he stated.

It might even trigger acknowledgment of Palestinian statehood “at an appropriate time,” he added.

” The UK will not acknowledge any changes to the 1967 lines [existing Israeli borders], other than those concurred in between both celebrations,” British prime minister Boris Johnson likewise stated, in an op-ed in Israeli paper Yedioth Ahronoth on Wednesday.

However for its part, Hamas, the Palestinian militant group in power in Gaza, sent its own message on Tuesday, by shooting rockets into the sea in a “warning” versus the Israeli land-grab, auguring severely for stability and for those Palestinian women for whom escalation would bring more anguish.

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