E-Bike Cruiser CR 7005: Jeep brings pedelecs with a retro look

Adrian Ovalle
Jeep Cruiser CR7005. (Image: Jeep)
The new pedelec from the US brand Jeep is an E- Bike in the look of the fifties. It looks more like a motorcycle than a bicycle. Those who like classic cars could enjoy them.

The manufacturer of the legendary Jeep Wrangler is now only Another brand in the Fiat-Chrysler concern, which will soon be called Stellantis. In addition to off-road vehicles, Jeep has also been producing e-bikes for some time.

Jeep is now launching the latest model, the Cruiser CR 7005. The cruiser is intended for relaxed tours on paved paths.

Jeep Cruiser CR7005. (Image: Jeep)

These are the technical data

Jeep installs the battery in the form of a petrol tank, which can be removed between the top and center tube. The battery has an energy content of around 374 watt hours. This means that the cruiser should achieve a range of up to 50 kilometers.

Normally, from 374 watt hours, we would expect 70 kilometers of pedaling assistance. The relatively short range could be due to the relatively high weight of 30 kilograms. The driver may add a maximum of 120 kilograms of his own weight.

Jeep Cruiser CR7005. (Image: Jeep)

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The cruiser is driven by a hub motor on the rear wheel. The motor from the Chinese manufacturer Xiongda has an output of 250 watts and a torque of 40 Newton meters. Since the cruiser is approved as a pedelec, the pedal assistance stops at 25 kilometers per hour.

For the pedal drive, the cruiser is equipped with a 7-speed derailleur from Shimano. For the wheels, Jeep relies on relatively small 26-inch models with a fat bike look, which are stopped by disc brakes at both the front and rear. On the left handlebar grip there is a small monochrome display and the buttons for the electrical control, on the right grip the derailleur is controlled.

Jeep Cruiser CR7005: E-control. (Image: Jeep)

Price and availability

The Jeep Cruiser CR 7005 costs 2,399 euros and is fully equipped – including lighting, mudguards and luggage rack. Even the prescribed spoke reflectors, a bell and a side stand are already included.

The Pedelec is directly available and can be ordered via the online shop. The delivery to Germany costs 49 euros, Austrians have to take 79 euros in hand. The cruiser should arrive within a few days.

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