Donald Trump says US will ‘respond highly’ if China imposes new Hong Kong security law

Adrian Ovalle

President Trump has stated the US will “react strongly” to China if it presses ahead with its strategies to enforce a new security law on Hong Kong.

Beijing might attempt to acquire more control over the former British nest and the relocation might see demonstrations suppressed after pro-democracy activists brought parts of the city to a grinding halt over a number of months in 2015.

Throughout a trip of a factory in Detroit, Michigan, Mr Trump informed press reporters “nobody knows yet” what the information are of China’s strategy.

However he stated: “If it happens we’ll address that issue very strongly”, without elaborating.

He stated he would have a full declaration on the propositions at an “appropriate time”.

Hong Kong activists have actually formerly applauded the actions of President Trump

A senior Hong Kong federal government official stated information about the relocation and its application were uncertain.

However the city’s media has actually reported the legislation would prohibit foreign disturbance, terrorism and all seditious activities targeted at falling the main federal government.

The 2019 demonstrations, which frequently turned violent, were supported by President Trump, to name a few prominent global leaders.

China’s National People Congress will assemble on Friday and a representative stated the NPC will ponder a costs for “establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to safeguard national security”.

Nov 2019: Hong Kong cops swoop on university protesters

A member of the NPC, Zhang Yesui, stated the new steps are required by the “new situation and demands”, including they are “entirely necessary.”

The coronavirus break out had actually postponed the opening of the NPC by 2 months. Some 3,000 members will collect for the conference.

Activists took to the streets in Hong Kong in 2015 to demonstration versus what they viewed as a disintegration of the city’s autonomy and flexibility of speech, with the relocation in Beijing most likely to add to those issues.

Joshua Wong, a respected Hong Kong activist in the demonstrations, stated on Twitter that the relocation was a sign that China desires the scrap the “one country, two systems” policy that has actually remained in location given that completion of British guideline in 1997, and swore to combat the steps.

Why are people opposing in Hong Kong?

He added: “Beijing this time intentionally selects to ram through this undesirable law by entirely disregarding the will of Hong Kongers.

” This disputable legislation is promoted with no legal analysis, simply by the direct promulgation by Beijing authority. This new system permits Beijing to enforce more China’s severe laws with no legislature analysis.

“Beijing’s move is a direct retaliation on Hong Kongers’ efforts to arouse awareness over the past one year. Beijing is attempting to silence Hong Kongers’ critical voices with force and fear.”

President Trump has actually been criticising China over the coronavirus pandemic, and declared COVID-19 was manmade in a Chinese lab.

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