Donald Trump’s ‘Gaslighting’ Over Fox News Interview Goes Awry

Adrian Ovalle

Twitter users on Tuesday early morning called out President Donald Trump for his brazen effort at rewording the narrative about his dreadful weekend interview on Fox News.

Trump had an alternate spin.

“Thank you for the good reviews and comments on my interview with Chris Wallace of @FoxNews,” the president tweeted. He kept in mind the interview was “a record” in the heat, however didn’t state what the weather related to his habits.

Thank you for the great evaluations and discuss my interview with Chris Wallace of @FoxNews. We might have set a record for doing such an interview in the heat. It was 100 degrees, making things really fascinating!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 21,2020

Tweeters were astonished by Trump’s post.

Some implicated the president of gaslighting. Others questioned if he was blogging about the exact same interview they had seen:

What about the 90%+ of bad evaluations and remarks?

— Jeff (@BeastQuake) July 21,2020

what world are you on? you extolled indicating an elephant

— Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) July 21,2020

It was the most fantastic interview that ever took location.

It wasn’t. I’m lying.

— Geoff Wilton (@geoffwilton2) July 21,2020

6.30 am and Trump is losing sleep over his train wreck interview.

So he needs to gaslight to calm his narcissism.

You are so heavily foreseeable, Donald.


— Jay Lionel (@JayLionel7) July 21,2020

Consumed you joking?! Everybody saw you as beyond oblivious, inexperienced, off-the-rails and deceitful batshit insane … #Trump #ChrisWallace

— Andy Ostroy (@AndyOstroy) July 21,2020

This absolutely routine man stated it was the very best interview in 100 degree weather in the history of interviews, and likewise of weather.
Think me. G970 z9Rcfs

— Jo (@JoJoFromJerz) July 21,2020

Excellent evaluations?? For that dumpster fire of an interview?

— Śçøth( @ScothSenpai) July 21,2020

Hey there, Don. You’re proper abt 2 things – a record number for you. Yes, it is hot, which pleads the concern regarding why you didn’t have the interview inside your home. And the interview has actually controlled the news considering that it aired. Excellent task.

P.S. 142,000 ppl are dead.

— Susan Select Kamala Harris Becraft (@AliceTinker1943) July 21,2020

Great spin it was a catastrophe

— Danny Blanchflower (@D_Blanchflower) July 21,2020

Excellent evaluations and great deals of appreciation for Wallace, absolutely nothing however laughter and contempt for you! It was a legendary failure!

— Diane Bernaerts (@DianeBernaerts) July 21,2020

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