Did Dean Koontz Predict Coronavirus In His 1981 Novel The Eyes Of Darkness With Wuhan-400? Some Say Yes!

Tyler Hromadka

Did author Dean Koontz predict the Coronavirus in his 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness? Some say yes after pages from his novel have actually resurfaced and have actually given that gone viral. Those who have actually checked out the book could not think the spooky forecast and precision about an infection that was produced as biowarfare called Wuhan-400 after the city it was introduced from. The book discusses Wuhan-400 being a weapon that is quickly transferred from human to human and passes away on inanimate items, making it a much easier method to eliminate without worry of ecological contamination. Some have actually even introduced conspiracy theories that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in some way left the Wuhan Institute for Virology– though there is no proof to show this. It is currently thought that the Wuhan infection began in animals then in some way made the jump to human beings.

Dean Koontz composed the list below passage in his book.

“They call the stuff “Wuhan-400” due to the fact that it was developed at their RDNA laboratories outside the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth practical pressure of manufactured microbes produced at the research study.

“Wuhan-400 is a perfect weapon. It afflicts only human beings. No other living creature can carry it. And like syphilis, Wuhan-400 can’t survive outside a living human body for longer than a minute, which means it can’t permanently contaminate objects or entire places the way anthrax and other virulent microorganisms can.”

Though Dean Koontz was blogging about an imaginary infection, there are many individuals who believe the resemblances are so surprising that it was a near-perfect forecast.

Others mentioned that the name “Wuhan-400” might be 20 times 20!

Dean Koontz isn’t the only one going viral for potentially anticipating the Coronavirus Lots of people, consisting of Kim Kardashian, are reviewing a passage from Sylvia Browne’s book End of Days: Forecasts and Predictions about completion of theWorld In the book, Sylvia Browne recommendations a pneumonia-like health problem that affects the world in 2020.

Are you following the Coronavirus conspiracies and apparently psychic forecasts of both Sylvia Browne and Dean Koontz?

What do you think of Dean Koontz’s description of the Wuhan-400? Do you believe it sounds like the Coronavirus pandemic?

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